Veteran Affairs Inquiry Routing and Information System Chatbot

This particular chatbot template is built to address veteran concerns. It can be used by veterans themselves or their close relatives and family members to register various types and levels of queries. The chatbot can answer most queries by itself but whenever it is unable to do so, it can help citizens connect to the relevant authorities via their chosen method of communication (E-mail/Phone). It also comes with the option to register citizen feedback so that you have a better idea regarding people's experiences with your services. It will be live on your site 24x7 so citizens can register their queries whenever they want. Moreover, this bot's intuitive and interactive interface successfully promotes interaction.

Features and Benefits :

  • Can automate the process of attending to various veteran queries.
  • Allows people to enter general questions regarding your department as well.
  • Can be used by both veterans and other people who are making the inquiry on behalf of veterans.
  • Smart "compliment" option that gathers citizen feedback regarding your services.
  • Will be online 24x7 so people can interact with it whenever they want and various important citizen concerns can be recorded at all times.
  • Is interactive and conversational which boosts engagement.
  • Captures personal details of citizens such as their names and e-mail ids/phone numbers.
  • Allows citizens to choose their preferred method of communication i.e. via phone or e-mail.
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