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Join the TARS Partner Program to accelerate business growth📈, and reach customers 
through conversations💬

Your success is our goal—and we’re here to help you achieve it.

You use a product; you love it! You tell everyone you know about it, but did you ever consider formalizing that relationship?

If you’re an agency or a marketer, it’s likely you explored a product, service, or software with a partner program(like the way you land up here).

You’ve probably never thought about actually partnering with another company to help fuel your own growth📈, and chatbots🤖 or conversational marketing tools, it’s even more surprising, but I’m here to tell you that this partner program could potentially be the missing link in your strategy. 

We provide the tools. We provide the chatbots. We provide the support. You consult. You coach. You facilitate. Then…YOU get the credit, and YOU keep all the profits!🤑

Let’s dig into how partnering with TARS looks like

  • You provide at least one of the following services for your clients: Demand Generation, Inbound Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Paid Acquisition, Sales Consulting, and Systems Integrations.
  • You’ll be given access to an exclusive partner page and always will be the first to know about new TARS products and features.
  • You’ll have access to a dedicated Partner Sales Manager for your business with access and listing in the TARS Partner Directory.
  • Earn recurring revenue share on each customer you onboard to Tars Chatbot Platform.
  • Grow the lifetime value of your clients. Tars Partners who help their clients fix their website conversion problems are seeing their clients spend more money with their business and stay longer!

Next steps to becoming a partner...


If you’re a digital agency, BPO, or SI, apply today! We’ll reach out to you within one week to schedule an intro call.

Sign Agreement

We’ll share the TARS Partner Program agreement. Once you sign it, you’ll become a TARS partner. It’s that easy!


We’ll kick off the on-boarding process with you, so you can build your TARS chatbot expertise and develop your customer acquisition strategy.

Partner success stories

Tars is super easy to use, a software that helps you create awesome customer engagement tools.🛠 Chatbots from Tars can be customized to suit every need of any business.🤖+🛠=📈
— Dessie Moonsamy
DLTM Consulting

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