What is a Product Explainer chatbot?

A Product Explainer chatbot is a fully automated piece of software that has a conversation with your prospects to capture and qualify leads in your digital marketing campaigns.

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Bot-Builder Tutorial Botchatbot

Bot-Builder Tutorial Bot

Want to see something meta? Here is a bot that explains how to make other bots just like it. Crazy!

Chatbot for Tourism Agencychatbot

Chatbot for Tourism Agency

A tours and travels planning company needs to show the users the packages and destinations for their ideal vacation. There is a perfect chatbot that can do this work on your behalf! Use this engaging chatbot template for your travel agency to display information about your travel packages and destinations to the website visitors and also collect their data!

Corsetdeal Informationchatbot

Corsetdeal Information

Corsetdeal Information




Ertiga Chatbotchatbot

Ertiga Chatbot

Ertiga Chatbot

Intelligent Flight System Explainer Botchatbot

Intelligent Flight System Explainer Bot

This bot explains the products and their features displayed on the G2-IFS website, which excels in producing engineered hi-tech Intelligent Flight Systems. This chatbot template can be used on any website as a product explainer for its users.

Lead Generation Chatbot for Cosmetic Surgery Businesschatbot

Lead Generation Chatbot for Cosmetic Surgery Business

Being a start-up you must be looking for cost-effective customer support. And this chatbot will help you in achieving your business goals. It itself can answer all simple queries and can leave the complex ones for your customer support team. Moreover, it can save your money but also help reduce the time that customer service agents have to spend solving simple problems.


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Lead Generation Chatbot for Cybersecurity Companychatbot

Lead Generation Chatbot for Cybersecurity Company

Do you want to capture your lead information so that you can give the best solution to them after understanding their requirement? Then this business chatbot is best for you where you can understand what they are looking for. Moreover, you can use this information for future nurturing.

Lead Generation Chatbot for Loan Businesschatbot

Lead Generation Chatbot for Loan Business

If you are into loan services, with this chatbot template you can make people aware of your different loan products and services and also pitch a particular product of yours. And the bonus, you get to generate quality leads in the process.

Lead Generation for Food Supplements Servicechatbot

Lead Generation for Food Supplements Service

Are you struggling with generating suitable leads and providing information about your products? Then this chatbot is perfect for you. This lead generation chatbot template can help you gather your customers' details by interacting with them and also gives relevant information about your products. Now a casual website visitor can be turned into potential leads!

New Car Launch Botchatbot

New Car Launch Bot

The Bugatti Chiron is an engineering marvel that costs 2.6 million dollars. This bot is here to explain what makes the car so special.

Pitch Deck Chatbotchatbot

Pitch Deck Chatbot

Slides were created as a supplement to our speech, not to express information on their own. They were meant to be used for in-person presentations, not decks over email. You know what can convey information on its own though? A bot.

Product Marketing Chatbotchatbot

Product Marketing Chatbot

Bragbee helps companies market their products to people through their workplace. A pretty unique business model right? Well that is why their bot exists. Bragbee’s bot, acts as an explainer for the company.

Protection Equipments Product Explainer Chatbotchatbot

Protection Equipments Product Explainer Chatbot

A well-established company website generally contains a lot of important information on their website. Sometimes a visitor face problems as in, where to find my product? Are you looking for a solution that can help your website visitors navigate through vast products and information on your website? Then this chatbot is your saviour! You can use this product explainer chatbot template to reach more people which can expand your customer foundation. It showcases the products and useful information that customers generally look for at the touch of a finger!

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