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Conversations will save your PPC Conversion Rate

by Arnav Patel • September 4, 2018

Your Landing Page is killing your PPC Conversion Rate. Conversational Landing Pages could be the CRO tool which fixes that. Picture this. You are looking for a car insurance policy. You Google “car insurance” and a whole bunch of Google Ads show up. The first link is from a huge company whose ads you’ve seen […]

[Landing Page Teardown] How Co-working Spaces can Increase their Conversion Rate by 155%

by Arnav Patel • February 14, 2019

At Tars, we are huge fans of the coworking space concept. We find that sharing a common workspace with dozens of innovative companies, run by insanely smart people helps us build a better product and provide better service. The one place that we feel the co-working industry as a whole could improve, however, is in […]

[Landing Page Teardown] Personal Injury Lawyer Google Ads Landing Page

by Arnav Patel • February 4, 2019

One of the best parts about making these landing page teardowns is that I encounter industries which I previously never knew existed. This week, for example, I took a look at the landing pages of Personal Injury Lawyers. Personal Injury Lawyers are the people you call if you’ve been in a car accident and you […]

[Case Study] LawRato Increased its Conversion Rate by 80% Using a Chatbot

by Arnav Patel • January 31, 2019

If you are faced with a legal issue, what is the first thing you do to find a solution? For most people the answer is a quick Google Search. But then what? Each page you open from the search results contains highly technical legal terms that you don’t understand and after reading, re-reading and refreshing […]

[Landing Page Teardown] LASIK Eye Surgery PPC Landing Pages

by Arnav Patel • January 29, 2019

Regardless of what role they have on the team, pretty much everyone at Tars examines, critiques and rebuilds 5-10 client landing pages per day. Our process for doing so usually involves a lot of back and forth on Slack where we share Loom videos of ourselves talking through the critiques of the client’s landing page […]

[Product Update] Image Uploader

by Arnav Patel • January 17, 2019

In the modern age of messaging, images and gifs have become as important a part of communication as text. We share photos of our food, kids, dogs and use gifs to react to the silly messages our friends send in an overly-dramatic way. We feel that bot conversations should be no different. At the core […]