What is an Insurance chatbot?

An Insurance chatbot is a fully automated piece of software that has a conversation with your prospects to capture and qualify leads in your digital marketing campaigns.

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Chatbot for a Suite of Insurance Productschatbot

Chatbot for a Suite of Insurance Products

This chatbot provides the opportunity to screen users under different segments in the sales funnel based on their intent. Not only does it ease the work of the insurance broker but also helps them have the user information handy before they make the sales call.

Insurance Lead Generation Chatbotchatbot

Insurance Lead Generation Chatbot

Lead Generation Chatbot for Insurance Companies.

Emergency Claim Filing Chatbot chatbot

Emergency Claim Filing Chatbot

Claiming filing can be daunting for your customers especially in the case of emergencies. This chatbot template allows your customers to contact you for claims and help file reports of injuries and car accidents faster and efficiently.

Health and Life Insurance Planning  Chatbotchatbot

Health and Life Insurance Planning Chatbot

Do you want a chatbot for your Insurance Company that can generate leads and give information about your website? Then this chatbot template is perfect for you! Elmer, the chatbot, provides information about the services to the users and also collects their details to customize a quote as per their needs. Use this all-in-one chatbot template to keep the conversation flowing and making the user experience easier!

Medical Claim Filing Chatbotchatbot

Medical Claim Filing Chatbot

This chatbot template helps you collect medical reimbursement requests or claims from patients by eliminating the added mailing time. This is the easiest and fastest way for your customers to file their claims.

Customized Auto and Home Insurance Chatbot chatbot

Customized Auto and Home Insurance Chatbot

This auto and home insurance Chabot is knowledgeable about predicting customer behavior. Because of this, it can push the appropriate solutions and products to the right people, every time.

Chatbot for Farmers Insurance Agentchatbot

Chatbot for Farmers Insurance Agent

This insurance chatbot assists clients to choose the right insurance policy. It interacts with the customers and collect user data like their preferences, what kind of insurance they are looking for, and so on.


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Insurance Quote Comparison Chatbot chatbot

Insurance Quote Comparison Chatbot

Does your website have a low conversion rate? Then this insurance chatbot template can help you in changing the number. Don't believe me? Then try this free insurance chatbot that exhibits the abilities to transform the visitor into a most qualified lead for your business.

Life Insurance Lead Generation Chatbotchatbot

Life Insurance Lead Generation Chatbot

Insurance is something that a consumer will not buy easily. They tend to search for all possible options before making the final decision. So, why to lose any single lead that lands to your website. This insurance chatbot template not only captures your lead data but also provides information to your customers for making better decisions.

Two Wheeler Insurance Chatbotchatbot

Two Wheeler Insurance Chatbot

If you provide two-wheeler insurance policies to your customers, this chatbot can help you generate leads of prospects looking for your services. Kickstart your lead generation efforts with this chatbot template today.

Bailment Coverage Applicationchatbot

Bailment Coverage Application

Want to speed up the coverage application process, making it more engaging? The Bailment Coverage Application Chatbot provides a humane platform to extract customer details, while covering care, custody,and control application for fire and water restoration contractors.

Future Gain Endowment Insurance Application Botchatbot

Future Gain Endowment Insurance Application Bot

This chatbot initiates the application process for an endowment insurance plan. The bot also describes the benefits of the plan. If you are a financial institution and want to generate lead on potential customers who are seeking consolidated insurance coverage plans, this bot makes that possible for you with just a few clicks.

ICICI Insurance Plans Chatbotchatbot

ICICI Insurance Plans Chatbot

This insurance chatbot can add real value to the insurance industry. It can educate customers on how the process works, suggest the optimal policy options based on the customer’s profile and inputs.

Lead Generation Chatbot for Business Administration and Management Controlchatbot

Lead Generation Chatbot for Business Administration and Management Control

Is your insurance claim company looking for a solution to give information about the website and to collect details about their claim? Then this lead generation chatbot can help you reach more people and enhance your credibility. It collects information from the users about the type of claim and details on their loss, captures their contact details and turns them into long-term customers, and expands your business.

 Insurance Agency Chatbotchatbot

Insurance Agency Chatbot

One of the biggest benefits of using this insurance chatbot is that it improves your website customer service to an immense level. Also, it can easily answer the customers’ questions in an understandable and simplest language possible. Moreover, chatbots are available 24/7


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 Insurance Company Lead Generation Chatbotchatbot

Insurance Company Lead Generation Chatbot

Take your business to new heights by using this free insurance chatbot template. With this bot, you can collect information of your prospective customers and can also capture your lead data with a timely and customized touch.

 Insurance Quote Chatbotchatbot

Insurance Quote Chatbot

This insurance chatbot is exclusively designed to give customers an interactive environment so that they feel exactly the way they would interact with any insurance agent. So, this means that this free chatbot template can collect information about your website’s visitors and adapt based on their insurance preferences.

AIG Direct Life Insurancechatbot

AIG Direct Life Insurance

Life Insurance Quote Chatbot aims to introduce suitable Life Insurance quotes to customers by connecting with them using basic contact details. Few of the basic products services are included to encourage signups with the chatbot.

Allstate Auto Insurance Broker Lead Generation Chatbotchatbot

Allstate Auto Insurance Broker Lead Generation Chatbot

Auto Insurance lead generation is a high-friction process. Prospects are expected to submit heaps of forms to get an accurate quote and this often causes them to drop before completing the process. This chatbot solves the form problem by making the information collection process more engaging

Apply for a Life Insurance Quote Over a Chatbotchatbot

Apply for a Life Insurance Quote Over a Chatbot

Are you an insurance agency and looking for ways to increase your form submissions? How about if you can convert all that information you need in the form of an interactive chatbot? Won't that be good? Then what are you still thinking about? Use this chatbot template today and see the difference in your lead collection.

Auto Insurance Comparisons Chatbot chatbot

Auto Insurance Comparisons Chatbot

Time to say goodbye to your lengthy forms where your customer feels bored and hesitate in filling out details. Use this insurance chatbot template wherein you can engage your customers in an interactive way and at the same time fetch their data by creating a better customer experience.

Auto Insurance Coverage Chatbotchatbot

Auto Insurance Coverage Chatbot

This chatbot is the perfect tool to generate leads if you're an insurance broker. It explains the various benefits and procedures involved in the services provided. Based on the basic details provided by the customer, this bot helps to provide insurance quotes for agents.

Axis Bank - Max Life Insurance Chatbotchatbot

Axis Bank - Max Life Insurance Chatbot

Customers are always looking for a solution that gives them maximum benefits especially when it comes to insurance. And for that, you must be available around the clock to give the best possible offering. With the advent of this chatbot, it is possible to provide the customers with a 24*7 support system.


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BDig Chatchatbot

BDig Chat

Done the changes

Blanchard insurancechatbot

Blanchard insurance

This insurance chatbot is well-known for lead generation and turning up the leads. Once the visitor shows interest, the chatbot can assign an agent to them for further decision making. They recognize hot leads and push them down the sales pipeline through proper customer engagement.

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Insurance Concierge AI

Insurance Concierge AI offers a comprehensive package of features designed specifically for insurance companies.

Insurance Advisor AI

Insurance Advisor AI is designed to help insurance companies guide potential customers through tailored buyer journeys.

Insurance Workflow AI

Insurance Workflow AI for internal automation

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Manager of IT Services

Manager of IT Services

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The TARS team was extremely responsive and the level of support went beyond our expectations. Overall our experience has been fantastic and I would recommend their services to others.

Lindsey Roark Mayes

Lindsey Roark Mayes

Ex-Director of SOS IT (State of Indiana)

Lindsey Roark Mayes


Implementing a chatbot revolutionized our customer service channels and our service to Indiana business owners. We're saving an average of 4,000+ calls a month and can now provide 24x7x365 customer service along with our business services.

Marketing Operations Manager

Marketing Operations Manager

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Marketing Operations Manager

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The Tars team has been wonderful to work with. We've used them for a few years and just expanded their tools' use; the customer support they offered was unmatched. I appreciate everything they have assisted us with. The platform itself is very user-friendly and straightforward to navigate. It had all the features we needed; if not, they added it.

Levi Eastwood

Levi Eastwood

Marketing Director, UCI Paul Merage School of Business

Levi Eastwood


Since our launch of Tars chatbots, we've had more than 5k interactions with them from individuals on the website. We saw prospects interacting with the chatbot regarding application timelines, tuition, curriculum, and other items that may come through an email. This provides another avenue of access to our team while cutting down on staff needing to email back.

Product Manager

Product Manager

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Product Manager



Product Management


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My organization is using Tars Chatbot more than 2 years now. The Chatbot is very useful is generating quality leads for us.

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