What is a Online Calculator chatbot?

A Online Calculator chatbot is a fully automated piece of software that has a conversation with your prospects to capture and qualify leads in your digital marketing campaigns.

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Car Loan Calculator Chatbotchatbot

Car Loan Calculator Chatbot

Do you get a large number of customer queries throughout the day? Does handling them incur huge customer service cost for you? Try this chatbot template to optimize customer service costs and handle multiple queries at the same time. And the best part? It also automates all your lead generation efforts.

Personal Loan Calculatorchatbot

Personal Loan Calculator

Out of all the decisions a buyer makes, the most carefully made decisions are financial decisions. A lot of consideration goes into finalizing a lender and signing up for a personal loan offer. This chatbot template asks a few simple questions to users, gives them an idea about the probable interest rates and payback periods of their personal loans and does lead generation simultaneously.

Car Lease Calculator Chatbotchatbot

Car Lease Calculator Chatbot

This chatbot template allows you to ask the customer about the particulars required to calculate their car's lease amount. Why calculate your monthly lease payment manually when you can know the exact amount through a 1-minute conversation?

Tax Refund Calculator Chatbotchatbot

Tax Refund Calculator Chatbot

This tax refund chatbot template is a step-by-step guide on how to find the status of an IRS or state tax refund. Users just have to share a couple of important stuff related to the taxes they paid and the amount of refund they would get will be generated automatically.

Amortization Schedule Calculator chatbot

Amortization Schedule Calculator

An amortization schedule shows how much money is to be paid in principal and interest over time. If you're a mortgage loan officer, only you know how tough it is to calculate it. However, it no more is. This chatbot template collects all the data required to calculate the amortization schedule and helps you know how your clients' payments break down over their loan term.

Buy or Lease Car Calculator Chatbot chatbot

Buy or Lease Car Calculator Chatbot

Helping your consumer in making the right decision is one of the most difficult tasks. And especially when it is between buying or leasing a car. To make this difficult task simpler, try this automative chatbot template that will understand your customer's situation, preference, and credibility along with capturing data, which you can use for analyzing and for giving the right solution.

Chatbot for Mortgage Calculationchatbot

Chatbot for Mortgage Calculation

Buying a house is never an easy decision for people. Not only because it is an expensive affair but also it demands their commitment. This chatbot template helps prospective clients by providing an interactive interface of finding out the monthly mortgage and also help you as a financial publisher by generating qualified leads.


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Credit Card Payoff Calculator chatbot

Credit Card Payoff Calculator

What is the most important factor which helps you decide the credibility of a financial publishing platform? With this chatbot template, not only can you educate your website visitors but also go a step further and engage your visitors with interactive questions which provides the necessary information for generating a lead.

Home Equity Calculatorchatbot

Home Equity Calculator

Borrowing against the value of their home is always tricky since it is difficult to pinpoint the true value of the house. This chatbot makes it a breeze for users who are looking to understand how much they borrow against their property. It takes into account the estimated value of the house and mortgage value of the user so that the team can accordingly calculate the final amount.

Home Equity Loan Vs. Line Of Credit Calculatorchatbot

Home Equity Loan Vs. Line Of Credit Calculator

This chatbot template revolves around solving the doubt of the user about the type of loan they should avail. Should they get a home equity loan or a home equity line of credit (HELOC)? While the former provides them with a lump sum amount, the latter functions as a credit card. The chatbot captures the relevant information along with the contact details of the user. The email ID and phone number can then be used to provide the user with relevant details and consultation.

House Value Calculator Chatbotchatbot

House Value Calculator Chatbot

Are you a home loan provider looking for ways to increase your form submissions? How good would it be if you could convert all the required lead data in the form of an interactive chatbot? Use this template to change your entire game of lead generation.

Loan Calculator Chatbotchatbot

Loan Calculator Chatbot

This chatbot template is aimed at serving users who have taken a recent loan and want to calculate the resulting monthly payments. The chat interface allows them to easily mention the loan amount, term and interest rate. It then captures their personal contact information so that a personalized report and loan amortization table can be sent to them. This chatbot can be easily used for mortgages, auto loan, or any other loan that has a fixed loan type and amount.

Masonry Assistant Estimation Chatbotchatbot

Masonry Assistant Estimation Chatbot

Helping others in finishing their incomplete task is the biggest challenge. And when it comes to real estate then it needs precision and expertise. If you are into a business of providing masonry then a lot of information has to be collected before giving them the right solution. What if all this information can be collected by a bot? Yes, that’s right. Try our free bot template and collect the details about your prospective customers.

Rent Vs. Buy Calculator Chatbotchatbot

Rent Vs. Buy Calculator Chatbot

Buying vs renting out a house can be a difficult decision to make. It totally comes down to the financial status of the person and his/her goals. This chatbot template makes the task easier by asking the user a bunch of simple questions. Then, in a bid to email them the final result, the chatbot also functions as a lead generation tool, capturing the name and email of the prospect.

Simple Savings Calculator Chatbotchatbot

Simple Savings Calculator Chatbot

Online investment calculators are popular tools that many companies use online to bring traffic to their websites. This chatbot template combines the functionality of such a calculator with lead generation to take things to the next level. As per the users' inputs, a detailed report can be sent to them regarding how their investment will grow based on the current interest, principal, and time. Hence, they can get insight into what they need to do to reach their financial goal.


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Student Loan Calculatorchatbot

Student Loan Calculator

Students are particularly skeptical when it comes to scanning all the offers for student loans in the market and deciding which offers and lenders are the most beneficial for them. As a finance publishing platform, you can use this chatbot template to educate your prospects and provide them with estimates like the amount of total interest they are likely to pay and the probable payback duration of their loans. The cherry on the cake is it also collects data that you can use as leads.

Website Cost Estimate Calculatorchatbot

Website Cost Estimate Calculator

Having a user fill out an inquiry form for you is so old school! But what’s the alternative? You say having a one on one conversation with them about their requirements. But isn’t that very time consuming and in a way, expensive? To help you avoid all these problems, this quiz chatbot template enables you to not only collect leads but also qualify them as potential converts. If you are a business that offers IT solutions like web design and development, this chatbot can work wonders for you!

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