What is an Automotive chatbot?

An Automotive chatbot is a fully automated piece of software that has a conversation with your prospects to capture and qualify leads in your digital marketing campaigns.

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Car Dealer Botchatbot

Car Dealer Bot

When you want to buy a car, you can go to a car showroom and attendant tells you all you need to know about the car. But what if you did not have to go to the showroom? What if someone could do the attendant’s job over chat? That is the promise behind this bot .

Car Loan Calculator Chatbotchatbot

Car Loan Calculator Chatbot

Do you get a large number of customer queries throughout the day? Does handling them incur huge customer service cost for you? Try this chatbot template to optimize customer service costs and handle multiple queries at the same time. And the best part? It also automates all your lead generation efforts.

Chatbot for Auto Dealer Experiencechatbot

Chatbot for Auto Dealer Experience

Want to know more about your customer's buying experience? Then this automotive chatbot template will definitely help you with that. It will help you understand customer's feedback on your service and how the experience was with you.

Book a Test Drive Chatbotchatbot

Book a Test Drive Chatbot

Making a car purchase is not an easy task, especially if it's your first car. A lot of research and contemplation goes behind finally shortlisting the right one. Hence, it goes without saying that taking test drives forms a crucial part of this process. This chatbot template makes it easy and convenient for prospective customers to book a test drive online within a few minutes right from the comfort of their homes.

Car Lease Calculator Chatbotchatbot

Car Lease Calculator Chatbot

This chatbot template allows you to ask the customer about the particulars required to calculate their car's lease amount. Why calculate your monthly lease payment manually when you can know the exact amount through a 1-minute conversation?

Pre-owned & New Car Dealers Support Chatbotchatbot

Pre-owned & New Car Dealers Support Chatbot

Your customer must be having endless doubts and queries. FAQs can be packaged into a much more dynamic format. They can take the form of an actual conversation with a bot, and this comes with endless benefits.

Virtual Assistant for Honda Dealershipchatbot

Virtual Assistant for Honda Dealership

Are you facing an issue of losing prospects halfway through a marketing funnel? If yes, then this automotive chatbots is the ability to make the customer buying journey smoother. It can help customers find the exact product they are looking for in a huge catalog and directly jump to the checkout page, or obtain information on current sales


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 Corporate Chatbot for Car Manufacturers chatbot

Corporate Chatbot for Car Manufacturers

Gone those days when getting in touch with a car salesperson used to mean long email or a back and forth over phone calls. Now with this automotive chatbots, you can be available around the clock and your customers to get the answers they need 24 hours a day. And also it allows the sales team to deliver more targeted and personalized information

Appointment Booking Chatbot for Car Services chatbot

Appointment Booking Chatbot for Car Services

This virtual assistant for car services can help businesses in generating and nurturing leads and increase sales for your repair services. Not only this, it answers the most popular queries, shows various services offered, makes an appointment anytime, and much more.

Auto Service Feedback Chatbotchatbot

Auto Service Feedback Chatbot

This automobile service feedback chatbot will help you collect valuable customer insights like how satisfied they are with your services, things you can improve on, etc. This insight will definitely grow your sales thus lead to improving customer satisfaction.

Automotive Lead Generation Chatbotchatbot

Automotive Lead Generation Chatbot

As an automotive dealer, if you purchase cars from customers in exchange for cash, then you have to ensure that you get the best possible deal for yourself and your customers. This chatbot template will assist you in taking all the relevant information you require for making that quote to the client and place you at the winning edge.

Automotive Reseller Chatbotchatbot

Automotive Reseller Chatbot

Dealer in old vehicles? Do you resell used cars & bikes? What if doing so was as easy as sending a few WhatsApp messages? That is the idea behind awesome resell bot.




Big Boy Toyzchatbot

Big Boy Toyz

Lead Gen chatbot where they can select cars, check features, pricing, book test drive and other FAQs. Also some pics/videos of the model

BMW Car Selection Chatbotchatbot

BMW Car Selection Chatbot

This chatbot is the first touchpoint with your business and will be much more personal than a conversation by mail or phone. Moreover, this chatbot can answer all standard customer service questions and thus relieve the customer service team of a lot of work.


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Book a Verified Driver on a Chatbotchatbot

Book a Verified Driver on a Chatbot

Driverskart helps users find verified drivers anywhere, anytime. Their bot allows you to do this by sending a few messages.

Buy or Lease Car Calculator Chatbot chatbot

Buy or Lease Car Calculator Chatbot

Helping your consumer in making the right decision is one of the most difficult tasks. And especially when it is between buying or leasing a car. To make this difficult task simpler, try this automative chatbot template that will understand your customer's situation, preference, and credibility along with capturing data, which you can use for analyzing and for giving the right solution.

Car Ordering Chatbotchatbot

Car Ordering Chatbot

Is your business not generating as many leads as you desire? If yes, then this lead generation chatbot will surely make a huge difference in the number of your leads. It helps marketers to connect and engage with their prospects 24×7 even when the sales team is busy or not available.

Car Rental and Purchase Dealer Chatbotchatbot

Car Rental and Purchase Dealer Chatbot

This chatbot template has been designed to help you qualify and differentiate leads for your sales team. If you're struggling with finding the right leads and closing them in a timely fashion, this chatbot can help build your pipeline and onboard new customers.

Car Repair Chatbotchatbot

Car Repair Chatbot

Do you own an automobile repair shop? Is your business spread across multiple locations and areas? Are you unable to channelize your resources optimally to serve your customers well? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then this chatbot template is just made for you.

Car Sales Lead Generationchatbot

Car Sales Lead Generation

This chatbot employs a conversational approach in finding out the details of a new car for a person. It enquires about the requirements of the car, details about their current car and their priorities in a car. The user proceeds to share this information and receives the decision to buy or lease out a car on email, which can further be used for promotional data.

Car Selection Chatbotchatbot

Car Selection Chatbot

Are you a car manufacturing company looking for customers in search of their perfect cars? This chatbot template is an interactive way to get your work done. Selling cars couldn't have been easier.

Car Valuation Chatbotchatbot

Car Valuation Chatbot

Dealing in a competitive environment can be tough especially in markets with aggressive competitors. This chatbot template can help you in defending your market position and build your competitive advantage. It will capture your lead data and their requirement around the clock and will make sure that you never miss any customer inquiry.


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Car Wash Investor Advice Chatbot chatbot

Car Wash Investor Advice Chatbot

If you help businesses with their car wash initiative, this chatbot template is the best one you'll find. Not only can you boast about your experience in this field but also help your users get in touch with you for your expert advice, thereby generating leads for you.




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