What is an Experimental chatbot?

An Experimental chatbot is a fully automated piece of software that has a conversation with your prospects to capture and qualify leads in your digital marketing campaigns.

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Biodata Botchatbot

Biodata Bot

Paper biodata is boring. Stand out to all those potential matches with a personal bot like this one.

Calvin- Citations Botchatbot

Calvin- Citations Bot

If you have ever written a college level essay, you will know that citations are hard. Do you need one? If so how do you construct it? That is why Calvin exists. Calvin is a bot that helps you with MLA citations.

Fashion Show Botchatbot

Fashion Show Bot

At Tars we aim to be on the bleeding edge of conversational experiences. As such check out the world’s first bot fashion show. What does that mean? You’ll have to click to find out

Fuel Price Botchatbot

Fuel Price Bot

This is a handy bot that lets you check the fuel prices from the comfort of your home.

News API Headlines Botchatbot

News API Headlines Bot

To get a balanced diet of news, you have to go to go through a whole slew of websites everyday. This bot, brings all of those news sources in one place using the TARS API integration feature and News API. Not only does this bot showcase the power of the api integration feature, it is also a useful bot that could be your first and last read of the day.




Personal Counselling ChatBotchatbot

Personal Counselling ChatBot

Do you often conduct long therapy sessions to get to the bottom of the problem? Well then this bot is all you need. Mibot’s set of questionnaire helps in diagnosing symptoms, calculates the severity and offers valuable remedies and feedback.


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Puzzle Botchatbot

Puzzle Bot

Bots have profound implications for the way businesses will interact with their consumers. But what if they were fun too. What if you could engage your customers through games to keep them coming back to your website. Check out this puzzle bot to see this in action.

Video Session Messages chatbot

Video Session Messages


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