Tars Converse AI - Your reliable AI agent

Tars Converse gives you a dedicated AI Agent that automates Q&A, personalizes pre-and-post-sales support, and learns from your unique data to deliver insightful resolutions, just like a human expert.

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Chosen by 700+ global brands across 10+ industries

Chosen by 700+ global brands across 10+

Automate customer interactions with Tars Converse AI

Tars Converse AI reduces operational burden and enhances customer experience.

  • Powered by OpenAI’s GPT, our AI crafts smarter, more human-like conversations that automate your customer journey.
  • Tars Converse AI learns from your private knowledge sources and is easy to update in just a few clicks.
  • The AI is helpful, friendly, and always ready to provide support while reflecting your brand values.

Tars Converse is your AI partner for exceptional support at every step of the customer journey. Presenting your reliable AI Agent automates the mundane and empowers your team to focus on creating outcomes.

Give users exactly what they want with Intent Detection

Tars Converse AI Agent is equipped to understand your customers’ needs and grasp the underlying intent behind each question, providing them with tailored solutions.

  • Tars Converse analyzes customer questions and the context of the conversation to identify their intent.
  • It then guides them through your business processes and triggers respective user journeys.
  • Users can easily execute their desired actions within the conversation through a step-by-step approach.

Intent Detection enables your Tars Converse AI Agent to understand what users want and assist them in performing the right action without leaving the conversation window.


Hire your most efficient and reliable AI-powered agent to enhance customer experience.

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Extraction AI: Retrieve structured data from every conversation

Your Tars Converse AI Agent is an expert at processing natural language and extracting structured data from each conversation.

  • Tars Converse AI can pull out vital information from each natural conversation.
  • It converts information into structured user data.
  • This data can then be used for user segmentation, eligibility criteria, and personalizing the user experience.

Just like a human customer support representative, your AI Agent can understand natural language and pull out information from any conversation, drawing the link between user-given information and the company database.

Evaluate and improve the quality of responses provided by your AI Agent

Tars Converse AI offers a seamless means to monitor the relevance and quality of responses, making it easier to maintain consistency and improve the quality of your AI Agent’s responses.

  • Tars’ built-in AI Response Evaluation gives a clear insight into the quality of responses.
  • The quality is scored on defined parameters.
  • Easily update new datasets to improve your AI Agent's ability to answer questions.

With Response Evaluation, your teams can ensure that your AI Agent is always its best, most reliable self.

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We redefine the customer
experience for market leaders

We redefine the customer experience for market leaders

Seamless customization and integration


Align chatbot appearance precisely to mirror your brand. Automate various tasks, like fetching data from external databases, or triggering actions in other applications. Seamlessly integrate the chatbot with your existing CRM framework through API Gambit configuration.

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Are privacy and security concerns about AI technology on your mind?

At Tars, we take privacy and security very seriously. We are compliant with SOC 2, GDPR, ISO and HIPAA.

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