What is a Travel chatbot?

A Travel chatbot is a fully automated piece of software that has a conversation with your prospects to capture and qualify leads in your digital marketing campaigns.

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Chatbot for Luxury Villas Vacationchatbot

Chatbot for Luxury Villas Vacation

If you are in the luxury travel space, you must be well versed with the kind of expectations your clients have from your services. Not only do they expect top class service but also a fast resolution to their queries. Don't get caught up with the competition, instead use this chatbot template to close deals faster.

Chatbot for Last Minute Dealschatbot

Chatbot for Last Minute Deals

If you have a travel agency and want to focus more on generating leads from the amazing last minute deals that differentiate you from the rest, then this chatbot template is for you. It also allows you to provide travel tips for each destination, helping users stay hooked on.

Chatbot for Travel Agentschatbot

Chatbot for Travel Agents

In the hoard of so many travel agencies, what is that one thing which characterizes you and distinguishes you from others? Your ability to get the best deals? Think again? Everybody says the same. It's the ability to provide the best experience to clients right from the travel planning stage. And that is precisely what this chatbot template does.

Corporate Travel Management Chatbotchatbot

Corporate Travel Management Chatbot

Are you still following traditional methods while approaching corporates? Then this chatbot template is just the right fit for your business. Bid goodbye to your lead capturing method where you have to manually take care of each request. Instead, try this lead generation chatbot where all your queries can be handled without your interference and can provide essential information to customers around the clock.

Family Holiday Packages Chatbotchatbot

Family Holiday Packages Chatbot

Do you want to attract customers with your pocket-friendly holiday packages? What if you could convey concise but attractive information about your packages to your prospects? Well, this chatbot template is going to help you share the package information your clients are looking for and collect leads for your travel planners to close.

Holiday Tours Booking Chatbotchatbot

Holiday Tours Booking Chatbot

This travel chatbot template will help your clients find the best destination for them and provide a customized package to them. It collects their lead data and understands their travel plans to help you find the right package for them.

Resort & Cottage Booking Chatbot chatbot

Resort & Cottage Booking Chatbot

It is the right time to replace your traditional resort booking strategy with this chatbot template. It will add ease to your business by capturing all important details of the leads and also engage them by sharing important information that will help them in taking the booking decision.


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Travel Agency Lead Generation Chatbotchatbot

Travel Agency Lead Generation Chatbot

Iris Holidays is an award-winning travel agency. Their chatbot makes the long arduous process of travel planning easy. You send your preferences, it does the research and drops you a mail. You basically have a travel agent in your pocket.

Travel Assistant Chatbot chatbot

Travel Assistant Chatbot

Are you into tour packages business and want to give a smooth experience to your prospective customer? This chatbot template will help you in understanding your customer travel preferences to make a customized package for them. Try this free travel assistant chatbot today and enhance your customer experience.

Airline Passenger Survey Chatbotchatbot

Airline Passenger Survey Chatbot

This airline passenger feedback survey chatbot template will help you get insights into what your customers feel about your airline. Rest assured this is the best replacement for your feedback form.

Chatbot for Airbnb Management Agencychatbot

Chatbot for Airbnb Management Agency

Have you been looking for a chatbot to use to help grow your business online? This travel chatbot can help your customers find the exact information they are looking for in a whole website and also make sure that their details are captured properly.

Adventure Packages Provider Chatbotchatbot

Adventure Packages Provider Chatbot

Does your firm provide a variety of adventure packages but it's getting tough to reach out to the appropriate audience? Make use of this chatbot template to get in touch with all the wanderlusts out there. Advertise your packages well and this lead generation chatbot can get you more customers than ever!

Africa Travel Assistant Chatbotchatbot

Africa Travel Assistant Chatbot

This travel chatbot helps your customers to customize their holiday packages with just a few clicks. Moreover, you can get business around the clock without appointing a customer representative. Try this booking chatbot template today and elevate your business to new heights.

Air Ambulance Chatbotchatbot

Air Ambulance Chatbot

If you provide air ambulance services and looking for ways to reach out to your prospects, this chatbot template is going to help you with just that. Not only does it collect lead data for you but also tells your prospects about what sets you apart.

Airport Virtual Assistant Chatbotchatbot

Airport Virtual Assistant Chatbot

You know that feeling when you land in a new airport and you can’t find anything. Bathroom, lounges, restaurants, wifi. Where have they all gone? This bot is a concept for how a personal assistant can get around this problem over chat.


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Beach Vacation Lead Generation Chatbotchatbot

Beach Vacation Lead Generation Chatbot

This chatbot template aims to provide users assistance with the planning of a beach vacation by informing them about the possible destinations and resorts. It engages the user by sharing information about every place and prompts questions about their date of travel and travel companions to generate lead data.

Chatbot for Bahrain Airportchatbot

Chatbot for Bahrain Airport

This chatbot allows you to provide seamless travel experiences by instantly resolving your passengers’ search. The best part is that it is available 24/7 just like your business. They’re able to provide airport information, share flight statuses, recommend nearby restaurants, and speed up parking reservations.

Chatbot for Media Housechatbot

Chatbot for Media House

This chatbot can help you in getting more audience and at the same time help you converting into subscribers. It will also find out about what your readers want, after which they give them what they’re looking for by showcasing the exact article/ information.

Chatbot for Vacation Rentalschatbot

Chatbot for Vacation Rentals

The travel industry has seen quite a transformation in technology to stay ahead of competitors. From using websites to mobile apps to social media, generating leads has been quite a task. This chatbot template is the savior to help you reduce the drop offs you typically notice on your forms and capture lead data that converts.

Chatbot to book Weekend Getaways in New Yorkchatbot

Chatbot to book Weekend Getaways in New York

Weekend Getaways are always fun especially if you are planning for a getaway to New York as the city has many exciting getaways and weekend trips! This chatbot helps to make it easy for you to navigate through a melange of exciting and fit so many New York adventures in just two days than you can imagine. It provides you with exciting weekend getaway recommendations to suit the users choice and convinience.

City Travel Guide Chatbotchatbot

City Travel Guide Chatbot

“What to do?” when you are travelling to a new city is the biggest question everyone faces. No more! This bot helps you with the location attractions, things to do, fun facts and a lot more. Every traveller destination out there should have a chatbot like this. Life would be just so easy then 🙂





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Corporate Travel Services Chatbotchatbot

Corporate Travel Services Chatbot

Do you specialize in corporate travel bookings? Are you looking for smart support to help you with gathering more leads for your business? Then this chatbot template is just the perfect option for you, helping you generate leads of businesses looking for a travel service provider.

Environmental Enterprise Chatbotchatbot

Environmental Enterprise Chatbot

Are you looking for chatbot assistance that can act as a helping hand for your organization? Try this free chatbot template that will automate information-based queries so that your agents can spend more time on crucial issues that need human support.

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