What is a Fun chatbot?

A Fun chatbot is a fully automated piece of software that has a conversation with your prospects to capture and qualify leads in your digital marketing campaigns.

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News over a Chatbotchatbot

News over a Chatbot

Imagine if you had a friend who watched the news the whole day and let you know if something interesting was happening with all the details. Check out this bot which does just that.

Tinkle Botchatbot

Tinkle Bot

Tinkle is an amazing comic. This bot is an homage to Tinkle.

Breaking Bad Chatbotchatbot

Breaking Bad Chatbot

This bot is the one who knocks. Seriously. If you are a Breaking Bad fan, check it out.




Giphy Search Botchatbot

Giphy Search Bot

Search for a GIF and the bot gets you one directly from GIPHY.

Meme Generator Chatbotchatbot

Meme Generator Chatbot

This is the only bot you’ll ever need in your life. Create cool memes over a simple chatbot.

Music Discovery Chatbotchatbot

Music Discovery Chatbot

I made this chatbot during the phase of my life when I used to listen to a lot of music on Soundcloud and I thought to curate some of them in the form of a brief chatbot conversation. Nothing too big, but it helped me listen to a few amazing songs over and over. Try it out. It uses the embed feature in the chatbot to embed Soundcloud tracks.


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O’Reilly Textbook Cover Generator Botchatbot

O’Reilly Textbook Cover Generator Bot

Are you a programmer? If so, I am sure you know about O’Reilly textbooks. I sure do. Did I ever read them? No. Were the covers awesome? YES. This bot allows you to create your own O’Reilly textbook cover.

Online Games Help Botchatbot

Online Games Help Bot

Do you love online games? Are you also looking for earning money? Would you believe if I said there's a way in which you could do both simultaneously? This gaming bot will help you with all the gaming site-related questions that you might encounter while playing.

Personal Dating Quizchatbot

Personal Dating Quiz

Do you love dating apps? Are you looking for the perfect match to go on a date with? Then you should definitely try out this chatbot to put an end to your swiping game and know your type of match. Excited? Why not take the quiz?

Short Story Chatbotchatbot

Short Story Chatbot

This is the coolest chat story you will find on the web 😛

XKCD Botchatbot


We have created magic. This bot converts integers into xkcd comics. The secret was modulo.

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