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The Problem

Whether a person is looking to sell, buy, rent or inquire about a home, they will invariably end up filling out a bunch of lead capture forms on several real estate webpages.

Everyone knows how to fill out a form but almost no one likes doing so. Form-filling is one of the most boring and impersonal tasks in the world and in an industry like real estate where competition is intense, response time is key and personalization is a differentiator, it is easy for your landing page to fall through the cracks when it uses a form for lead capture.

The Solution

Chatbots are an effective way to fix the form problem. They transform the actual process of sharing lead information from a mundane task into a conversation.

This makes the lead generation experience feel more engaging. Perhaps more importantly, it gives prospects the perception of instant response that is absolutely necessary to generate leads at scale in the real estate industry. In our experience, this transformation results in an immediate increase in conversion rate by a factor of 2-3x.

How it works?

Create a conversation workflow

Signup and create the chatbot flow from scratch using our workflow builder or use a pre-built template.

Chatbot as post-click landing page

Each chatbot conversation lives on its own link, like a typical landing page. Use this chatbot link as your ad campaign destination.

View, download and integrate

Check the leads collected right in your dashboard, download it in an excel sheet or send it to your preferred CRM and marketing apps.

How to customize your real estate chatbot?

Customer success stories

After implementing TARS, one of the Auto clients we work with has reduced the time it takes to field questions over 60%, and more importantly, their sales conversions have doubled. Overall, the benefits of using TARS has been a great amount of time and money saved by automating processes and in turn, increasing sales and the bottom line.
Mark Idzik

Tars has been great for helping me take a conversational approach to my mortgage lead generation.  Using a full 1003 or generic landing page for lead generation can’t compare to having a conversation with a prospective homebuyer on their mortgage needs 24/7.  The platform is extremely powerful as well as flexible, so you can create any type of chatbot you can dream of and if you are stuck in the planning stage their done for you templates give you a great jumping-off point.  The “Designing Conversations” blog helps break down how to create a chatbot for your industry and gives you best practices in a very time-efficient format.

Summit Mortgage
Jacob Derauf
Branch Marketing Director and Mortgage Loan Officer

Make a Chatbot for your Real Estate Marketing

Free 14 day trial. No payment info needed.