What is a chatbot for Educational Institution?

An Educational chatbot is a fully automated chat interface that can hold conversations with prospective students to capture and pre-qualify leads. Chatbots in the education sector can act as personal assistants and handle administrative tasks, answer student questions, facilitate online learning, etc.

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Undergraduate Admissions Chatbotchatbot

Undergraduate Admissions Chatbot

This free chatbot template takes users through a few steps to apply to an undergraduate program. Use this chatbot to generate and qualify leads and guide users through the actual application process and resolve queries that may arise in their minds.

Business School Admissions Chatbotchatbot

Business School Admissions Chatbot

In today's day and age, strong functional expertise and traditional management skills are needed to enhance one's career. Students are looking for an educational path that not only adds skills to their existing portfolio but also one that understands their work profile and guides them accordingly. If you're an educational institute offering MBA courses, try this free chatbot template that not only provides information related to your program but will also generate prospective students for your university.

Programming Courses Signup Chatbotchatbot

Programming Courses Signup Chatbot

This chatbot template is designed to help you get more applications for your courses. It provides an overview of the course, the benefits applicants can get from it and then assists them to sign up for it. If you're looking for a cost-effective lead generation tool, this chatbot can help.

Lead Generation Chatbot for Certificate Courseschatbot

Lead Generation Chatbot for Certificate Courses

Being in an educational sector you must be facing issue like capturing lead data, availability around the clock, and engaging customer service. Don't worry, this chatbot help educational brands to establish meaningful touchpoints of engagement to connect with a broader potential audience.

Student Satisfaction Survey Chatbotchatbot

Student Satisfaction Survey Chatbot

This interactive chatbot template is designed to know how students feel about a university's environment and facilities. If you are looking to know how you can improve your students' satisfaction levels, try this template today.

Law School Application Chatbotchatbot

Law School Application Chatbot

Students around the world look for information that is readily available about a course they are looking to pursue. This chatbot template helps them by sharing details like what are the different courses available, who can apply for the courses and how to apply in a simple and interactive format.

Playschool & Daycare Admissions Chatbotchatbot

Playschool & Daycare Admissions Chatbot

It goes without saying that parents are always looking for the best playschools or daycare for their child. Since it builds the foundation of their child's learning, its best to help prospects by providing all the information about the programs you offer. This chatbot template is designed to provide all the information parents are looking for before choosing a playschool for their child and helps them schedule an appointment instantly.


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University Search Chatbot for Studying Abroadchatbot

University Search Chatbot for Studying Abroad

Finding the right university can be tough, especially if it is in a different country. That is why MeetUniversity created this bot to match Indian students with the perfect foreign university for them.

Training Courses Enrollment Chatbotchatbot

Training Courses Enrollment Chatbot

This chatbot template allows users to browse through the various digital courses available. They can choose from a variety of options which include certifications, corporate offers as well as classes that can be taken in-person and online. If you're looking to generate more leads for your courses, use this chatbot today!

Higher & Professional Learning Chatbotchatbot

Higher & Professional Learning Chatbot

This education chatbot are a great way to connect with potential applicants 24/7. They provide answers to common questions and guide students through the admission process, day or night, while also capturing the visitor’s contact information.

Music Institute Application Botchatbot

Music Institute Application Bot

This chatbot helps interested candidates to apply for sound engineering, music production, recording and direction courses offered by the institute. It provides information on the various courses and then initiates the application process by asking the basic details of the applicant. It is one of the best solutions if you are a music school and don't want to shortlist lengthy applicaion forms of students.

 Qshala Quiz Chatbotchatbot

Qshala Quiz Chatbot

Looking for ideas on how to make your quizzes more fun and engaging for your prospects? Check out this conservational quiz chatbot wherein you can engage your customers in an interactive way and at the same time can fetch their data by creating a better customer experience.

Admission Chatbot for Data Science Programchatbot

Admission Chatbot for Data Science Program

With this admission chatbot, universities can give potential students answers to all their questions and doubts without any human interference and that too around the clock.

Alcohol Certification Registrationchatbot

Alcohol Certification Registration

This chatbot template explains the certification program for responsible alcohol providers, including the purpose and the process of getting certified. It makes sure all the important questions are answered in an accessible manner. This is followed by the enrollment of the person by collecting their information.

API Explainer Botchatbot

API Explainer Bot

We are constantly telling people that bots are a good way to explain concepts, so we decided to lead by example. Check out this bot that explains how to incorporate APIs into your bots. If you don’t know what an API is or how to code, don’t worry, we explain everything.


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Apply for Cosmetology Degree Chatbotchatbot

Apply for Cosmetology Degree Chatbot

In order to be a cosmetologist, one needs to have the right degree, an impeccable sense of beauty and fashion know-how. This chatbot first introduces the university, then lets students choose the course and campus they're interested in. It then collects personal details for further correspondence, thus generating quality leads.

AskIITians 2.0 Chatbotchatbot

AskIITians 2.0 Chatbot

Made as per client requirement

AskIITians Chatbotchatbot

AskIITians Chatbot

Made as per client requirment




Business School Chatbot chatbot

Business School Chatbot

This education chatbot is designed to address the questions of aspiring students and also get their contact information seamlessly. If you offer educational courses, you should definitely get started with this free chatbot template.

BYJU'S Chatbot chatbot

BYJU'S Chatbot

This HR chatbot can automate routine processes. They can save HR’s time and can substantially automate employees service requests. It can also have a conversation with thousands of people at once and are trained to answer all questions 24/7 with no fatigue or wasted time.

Calvin- Citations Botchatbot

Calvin- Citations Bot

If you have ever written a college level essay, you will know that citations are hard. Do you need one? If so how do you construct it? That is why Calvin exists. Calvin is a bot that helps you with MLA citations.

Chatbot for Code Tutoring Firmschatbot

Chatbot for Code Tutoring Firms

The one thing that makes the website navigation for the firms which teach coding tough, is the fact that there is so much informaiton to share and since the person browsing through them is only a beginner, it is tough for him or her to make sense out of it. This is where the need for conversations arises because even if it isn't a human interacting directly, some headsup about what is being shown on the screen would definitely be of assistance. It is for this reason that we have created this custom bot specially for the firms which deal with oodles of information on the website- especially the kind of information which is of importance but hard to decipher for the beginner. The bot can be customised to make it less text heavy if you want redirections to your separate website pages. Alternatively, you can add even more information to this template


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Chatbot for Computer Training Firmschatbot

Chatbot for Computer Training Firms

It is very important and especially for a coding based educational firm that their website reflects well on their competence. Since, in most cases, a website is usually the first point of significant between the firm and the user or customer as we say, the need for a good interactive website becomes quiet a statement of their prowess for a coding fir. Now, one could either spend a lot of time figuring out the right kind of flow and everytime there is a significant edit, the code be changed or one can simply implement a chatbot for such a coding coaching firm and make sure that the maximum engagement is done at the home page itself. With our curated chatbot, we have made sure that not just it has enough data on it so that the plug and play gets enabled, but we have also given out options whereby the firms can easily update the content in the background so that whatever information is, gets passed on to the intended or the target audience easily

Chatbot for Data Science Training and Consulting Firmchatbot

Chatbot for Data Science Training and Consulting Firm

This WhatsApp chatbot can significantly reduce case volume for your customer service reps. Since it is a self-service tool, your students don't have to connect with one of your support teams to get answers or register themself for upcoming batches. They can book the course on this chatbot without any delay or without waiting in line.

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Manager of IT Services

Manager of IT Services

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Real Estate


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50M - 250M USD

The TARS team was extremely responsive and the level of support went beyond our expectations. Overall our experience has been fantastic and I would recommend their services to others.

Lindsey Roark Mayes

Lindsey Roark Mayes

Ex-Director of SOS IT (State of Indiana)

Lindsey Roark Mayes


Implementing a chatbot revolutionized our customer service channels and our service to Indiana business owners. We're saving an average of 4,000+ calls a month and can now provide 24x7x365 customer service along with our business services.

Marketing Operations Manager

Marketing Operations Manager

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Marketing Operations Manager

Healthcare and Biotech




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The Tars team has been wonderful to work with. We've used them for a few years and just expanded their tools' use; the customer support they offered was unmatched. I appreciate everything they have assisted us with. The platform itself is very user-friendly and straightforward to navigate. It had all the features we needed; if not, they added it.

Levi Eastwood

Levi Eastwood

Marketing Director, UCI Paul Merage School of Business

Levi Eastwood


Since our launch of Tars chatbots, we've had more than 5k interactions with them from individuals on the website. We saw prospects interacting with the chatbot regarding application timelines, tuition, curriculum, and other items that may come through an email. This provides another avenue of access to our team while cutting down on staff needing to email back.

Product Manager

Product Manager

Finance (non-banking)

Product Manager



Product Management


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My organization is using Tars Chatbot more than 2 years now. The Chatbot is very useful is generating quality leads for us.

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