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Ordering/Booking Live Demo

This is a demo of how you can take bookings or orders from your users. You can showcase a list of products or services, take the order, ask for user information and that’s pretty much it.

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Create Engaging Voice Bots

We help you make Chatbots that can speak out loud


Extremely simple to make

Once you have created a bot in Tars builder, all you need to do is add ?_speak at the end of your bot url and the bot will start speaking to your users.

Customise the accent for different users

Your users come from different geographies and demographics. The same US English accent might not work well for everyone, so we give you the capability to customize the accent for your users.

Works with multiple languages

With Tars you can create bots in any language and the same thing needs to happen when your bots speak. So the bot will talk in native languages as well.

Listening is the new reading

Bots are great for storytelling and information sharing. Speaking bots allow your users to go through the whole chat conversation without having to focus on their mobile device all the time.

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