Automate Zendesk Conversations Using Tars Chatbots

The vast majority of customer service requests don’t require a human agent to resolve. Use chatbots for the grunt work so that your support agents can focus on customers with complex requests.

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Screen customer service requests using a chatbot

Before sending customer queries to your support agents, run them by your chatbot. If the customer is asking an FAQ (e.g. pricing, hours of operation, features) or wants to be stepped through a simple process (e.g. basic lead gen), the chatbot can resolve the query on the spot. In our experience, around 70% of queries can be resolved this way.

Automatically send complex requests to Zendesk

If the chatbot doesn’t know how to resolve the query, they do what any good customer service rep does in this situation. Ask a colleague! When Tars chatbots don’t know how to help a customer out, they seamlessly hand the conversation off to Zendesk Chat where a human being can pick up the conversation.

How the integration works

Build a chatbot using our no-code builder. It’s as easy as writing an email.

Integrate your chatbot with your Zendesk Chat account. Here’s a handy help doc to help you out.

Kick back and relax, while your chatbot handles the rest! Seriously. That’s it.

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Free 14 day trial. No payment info needed.