What is a B2B Services chatbot?

A B2B Services chatbot is a fully automated piece of software that has a conversation with your prospects to capture and qualify leads in your digital marketing campaigns.

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Agribusiness Intelligence Platform Chatbot chatbot

Agribusiness Intelligence Platform Chatbot

Are you still consuming your major time of the day in answering your website queries? Then it is high time to switch your way of doing business. This free chatbot template will help you in answering all the queries that come on your website around the clock without any human interference. Thus giving you the full freedom to focus on your core business.

Air Quality Testing Chatbotchatbot

Air Quality Testing Chatbot

Being a small business you probably support clients on our own. It might be difficult sometimes as it’s hard to focus on your client when another one is online. But this problem can be easily solved now by using chatbot techniques. It will accept queries from your customers in real time and provide answers to simple queries.

API Developer Lead Generation Chatbotchatbot

API Developer Lead Generation Chatbot

Are you looking for good customer service that is available round the clock and has a positive impact on your customer satisfaction and retention? If yes, then this free and around the clock lead generation chatbot helps you in getting your query resolved without any human interference.

Are You Business Smart Quizchatbot

Are You Business Smart Quiz

People who are more knowledgable about how businesses work are more likely to start and run a business. People who are looking to start a business are more likely to test their business knowledge from time to time. If they belong to your target market, then this chatbot template acts as an effective lead generation tool.




B2B Analytics Services Lead Generationchatbot

B2B Analytics Services Lead Generation

In a world driven with innovation, new technologies and competition, do you want to have an edge when it comes to leads? Good leads get you business,great leads get you repeated business. With the help of this lead generation chatbot, channelize your conversations into meaningful sales leads. It is a perfect partner for your prospect shortlisting.

B2B Services Chatbotchatbot

B2B Services Chatbot

Do you love helping other businesses grow? Is delivering success a key metric for you? Then this b2b chatbot template is going to help you source new clients by communicating your unique value proposition and drive more sales.


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B2B Social Media Services Chatbotchatbot

B2B Social Media Services Chatbot

Having a strong presence on social media has become the norm for most businesses. Especially for restaurants that are always on the look to entice customers with offers. If you help restaurants grow their presence on social media and want to source more clients for the same, this chatbot template is the best one you'll find.

B2B Software Services Lead Generationchatbot

B2B Software Services Lead Generation

B2B software services is a competitive and cut-throat landscape. With hundreds of software service providers vying for the top stop, it is your sales readiness that will save the day. With this lead generation chatbot, you'll be sales-ready in minutes. Engage your prospects intuitively, feed them the necessary information and channelize their conversation into a sales-ready environment. Getting your leads has never been simpler, thanks to this lead gen tool.

Banking Services Chatbotchatbot

Banking Services Chatbot

Is your business focused on the financial sector? Are you looking for a solution that can increase your customer engagement efficiently and effectively? Try this free chatbot template that can help you with getting quality prospect customers and can provide all the necessary information they are looking for.

Beta Testers Feedback Botchatbot

Beta Testers Feedback Bot

Customer feedback is extremely important to any business. From understand the customer experience to areas of improvement, this simple feedback chatbot is designed to capture the essential details. Designed to capture test feedback, it allows the end users to provide project details, ease of use, workflow and many specific feedback items that can help improve the overall experience.

Bot for Webinar Registrationschatbot

Bot for Webinar Registrations

Get your users to join in your webinar through a chatbot. Tell them what the webinar is all about and how it will help them.

Bot-Builder Tutorial Botchatbot

Bot-Builder Tutorial Bot

Want to see something meta? Here is a bot that explains how to make other bots just like it. Crazy!

Brand Mindset IQ Survey Chatbotchatbot

Brand Mindset IQ Survey Chatbot

Do you know your customers well? Does your customer expectations align with your business goals? If all these questions are still in your mind, then try this survey chatbot template that will help you in working towards your business goals.

Brand Voice Style Quizbotchatbot

Brand Voice Style Quizbot

It is crucial to define the voice of the company even before a single word of content is written. With so many marketing channels, having a disproportionate customer experience will only interfere with marketing efforts. This chatbot template engages with the customer to take a quick quiz and capture their contact details at the end, also acting as a lead generation tool.


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Branding and Marketing Agency Chatbot chatbot

Branding and Marketing Agency Chatbot

When a user lands on your website, they can immediately get their queries answered by the chatbots. They do not have to wait for assistance from a human agent in order to seek answers.




Business Automation Chatbotchatbot

Business Automation Chatbot

Are you facing problems in your lead generation process? If yes, then try this chatbot template that will help you in getting qualified leads, will provide all the necessary information that your user might need. And at the same time, it will collect their information without any hiccups. This free chatbot template will help you in working towards your business goals.

Business Consultation Scheduler Chatbotchatbot

Business Consultation Scheduler Chatbot

If you are a leading business consultancy firm, this chatbot template could help explain what you do, who you are and your services in a concise and accessible manner. It elaborates on why your firm is the best option for them. This improves the chances of the user scheduling a consultation with you.

Business Know-How Quiz Chatbotchatbot

Business Know-How Quiz Chatbot

In this digital era your customers are adopting everything digital then why don't you say goodbye to the traditional quiz method. Use this free quiz chatbot template wherein you can engage your customers in an interactive way and at the same time fetch their data by creating a better customer experience.

Business Owner Type Quizchatbot

Business Owner Type Quiz

Having an insight into what kind of entrepreneurial mindset one possesses of can go a long way in aiding business decisions. This chatbot template helps visitors to explore their business mindset through a set of easy multiple choice questions. It records all the answers in the backend and collects their basic communication information to send them the results of the quiz. Hence, it also works as a lead generation tool.

Business Process Outsourcing Chatbotchatbot

Business Process Outsourcing Chatbot

This chatbot can convert 4x higher than traditional lead generation methods. It will interact with your customers, answer the queries and understand their requirements.

Business Services Lead Generationchatbot

Business Services Lead Generation

For large corporations that have a global presence, choosing and nurturing the relevant leads are sacrosanct. Quality leads result in higher sales, and that is just what this lead generation chatbot is meant to do. As a B2B service provider, this chatbot template enables you to talk to your prospects and provide them details about who you are and what you do. Furthermore, it allows you to capture their name, phone number and email address for further communication.


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Call Center Services Chatbotchatbot

Call Center Services Chatbot

If you are a customer service provider across all touch-points including voice, messaging, chat, social, email, and self-service; this lead generation chatbot template can easily get you clients looking to opt for your solutions.

Change Methodology Expert Chatbotchatbot

Change Methodology Expert Chatbot

Your expert business needs an expert tool that can help you in achieving your goals. This chatbot template can help you connect with your customers, understand their requirements by giving them the right solutions around the clock while you can concentrate on your core business.

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