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What makes Tars special

Look we get it, there are dozens of drag and drop chatbot builders out there(a lot of which are cheaper than Tars), so why choose us?

It all boils down to people.

We can show you a bunch of G2 badges and customer testimonials, but at the end of the day, they will never truly capture the secret sauce that makes TARS special. Unlike other chatbot companies, we take a hands-on approach to our customers’ deployments. This means that from the moment you sign up to our platform we do everything that we can to help you get the most value out of your chatbot from webinars to guides to personalized consultations and reviews with our success team.

And if you need proof for any of these claims, well, that’s where the G2 badges and testimonials come into the picture👇

TARS is the leader in the Chatbot Platform Category

G2 recognizes us as the best Bot Platforms Software for medium-sized businesses. Look at this Momentum Grid that identifies us on a high growth trajectory based on user satisfaction scores, employee growth, and digital presence.


Ease of Setup

From choosing the best use cases for your business to setting up your chatbots end-to-end, we help you in every possible way.


Quality of Support

We believe in customer delight. And we’re here to solve your challenges 24/7/365 – no matter how big or small.


Ease of Doing Business

We’re your partners in conversational marketing, our dedicated team of specialists helps you to unlock performance at scale.

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Our Advantages

950+ Chatbot Templates across 18 industries

Built with “conversions” in mind.
Not just a Chatbot software.

Dedicated Success Manager to assist you

2x Conversion Rates With Conversational Landing Pages

Free 14 day trial. No payment info needed.