What is a Customer Support chatbot?

A Customer Support chatbot is a fully automated piece of software that has a conversation with your prospects to capture and qualify leads in your digital marketing campaigns.

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Emergency Claim Filing Chatbot chatbot

Emergency Claim Filing Chatbot

Claiming filing can be daunting for your customers especially in the case of emergencies. This chatbot template allows your customers to contact you for claims and help file reports of injuries and car accidents faster and efficiently.

Product Registration Chatbotchatbot

Product Registration Chatbot

Are you a product registrar looking to receive product registrations around the country to follow up with your customers and keep track of their products? This chatbot template will help you do that in a minute. Collect all the necessary product details from your customers to get their products registered.

Chatbot for Department of Veteran Affairschatbot

Chatbot for Department of Veteran Affairs

This Chatbot for Government Services guides the users through the website and gives comprehensive details on the services.

Medical Claim Filing Chatbotchatbot

Medical Claim Filing Chatbot

This chatbot template helps you collect medical reimbursement requests or claims from patients by eliminating the added mailing time. This is the easiest and fastest way for your customers to file their claims.

Prescription Refill Request Chatbotchatbot

Prescription Refill Request Chatbot

In this fast-moving world, everything is shifting to digital where the dependency on human is less. This healthcare chatbot template is the one such solution. It helps your customers order their prescribed medicine while sitting at home on a chatbot. The whole process of collecting medical history, medicine name, and its dosage is done by the chatbot.

Chatbot for Planning Commissions Departmentchatbot

Chatbot for Planning Commissions Department

Connect your citizens with the public services 24/7. Use the Chatbot to support citizens and provide instant answers for laws, regulations, policies, community-level activities, requests processing, events, public holidays pull out relevant records, and more

Customer Support Bot for Government Agencychatbot

Customer Support Bot for Government Agency

Government offices can be boring, especially the RTO/DMV. BEN is a glimpse into a future where there are no lines to wait in or bored government employees to talk to. Send a few messages and get your work done instantly.


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Bitcoin Exchange Query Chatbotchatbot

Bitcoin Exchange Query Chatbot

You can not rely on support agents for 24×7 support. Anytime response is important even after business hours when the team is not available. This customer support chatbot can manage such customer queries with automated responses.

Indiana Department of Child Serviceschatbot

Indiana Department of Child Services

Connect your citizens with the public services 24/7 from their desktop and mobile. Use the Chatbot to support citizens and provide instant answers related to child support and adoption. It also shows your citizens the route for enrollment of child support services.

Pre-owned & New Car Dealers Support Chatbotchatbot

Pre-owned & New Car Dealers Support Chatbot

Your customer must be having endless doubts and queries. FAQs can be packaged into a much more dynamic format. They can take the form of an actual conversation with a bot, and this comes with endless benefits.

GuideBot for State Museum and Historic Siteschatbot

GuideBot for State Museum and Historic Sites

This chatbot acts as a personalized guide for the website visitors. It takes the users through the museums and historic sites that they might wanna visit and also lets them plan their trip by giving relevant information and letting them book a ticket.

Internal HR Chatbotchatbot

Internal HR Chatbot

This internal chatbot template is a blessing for the HR team. By taking over the routine tasks, chatbots free up recruiters giving them more time for proactive sourcing and doing the work more effectively.

Toys & Gifts Website Chatbot chatbot

Toys & Gifts Website Chatbot

Give your customer a smooth experience while they are buying toys for their little ones. You can try this free ordering chatbot to enhance your user experience by sharing the relevant and best information while capturing the lead data.

Chatbot for State Librarychatbot

Chatbot for State Library

This chatbot template for a website of a state library covers all the online services that they provide and also the major Frequently asked question that a user may have. It also lets the users submit a custom question.

Audit and Consulting Services Chatbotchatbot

Audit and Consulting Services Chatbot

Providing the right and accurate answers to your website visitors are what every business requires, especially when it is consulting and audit. This finance chatbot makes sure that all doubts, concerns of your visitors are clarified at the first stage only.


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Customer Support Chatbot for Online Payment Serviceschatbot

Customer Support Chatbot for Online Payment Services

Nobody likes to wait around for a solution. Do you agree? When a customer has an issue with your services, they’ll quickly lose patience if your customer support team can’t rectify the problem in a timely manner. This chatbot can quickly help you with this problem. It can easily be integrated into your customer support system and can also respond with the most suitable answers.

[Chatbot for Real Estate Aggregator]chatbot

[Chatbot for Real Estate Aggregator]


311 Service System Chatbotchatbot

311 Service System Chatbot

311 Service System Chatbot

Adams Tax Centerchatbot

Adams Tax Center

Adams Tax Center

Admission Chatbot for Data Science Programchatbot

Admission Chatbot for Data Science Program

With this admission chatbot, universities can give potential students answers to all their questions and doubts without any human interference and that too around the clock.

AirBnB Home Booking Chatbot chatbot

AirBnB Home Booking Chatbot

Hotel booking chatbots have the potential to offer a far more personalized experience than websites. Rather than clicking on a screen, these chatbots simulate the more natural experience of talking. The whole process is so simple, it starts by having a customer text their stay, dates, and destination. The bot then does the heavy lifting of finding options and proposes the best ones.

Airport Virtual Assistant Chatbotchatbot

Airport Virtual Assistant Chatbot

You know that feeling when you land in a new airport and you can’t find anything. Bathroom, lounges, restaurants, wifi. Where have they all gone? This bot is a concept for how a personal assistant can get around this problem over chat.

Arizona Govt Chatbotchatbot

Arizona Govt Chatbot

This Chatbot for Arizona Corporation Commission covers the salient points in their website like FAQs and gives guides the users on where to start. Use this Chatbot template on your Government Website to navigate your users through the website.


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Auto Attorney Claim Filing Chatbotchatbot

Auto Attorney Claim Filing Chatbot

Being an automotive attorney you must be dealing with various clients across different states and timezone. And sometimes it becomes difficult to interact with them around the clock. So, why not try this chatbot which can help you with all these hassles? It interacts with your clients around the clock and collects all important information from them so that you can process their case accordingly,

Bank Customer Service Chatbotchatbot

Bank Customer Service Chatbot

Banking sector is witnessing tough competition and it demands around the clock availability and personalization. With this banking chatbot template, you can address queries of your customers 24*7 and at the same time capture their data to open an account or apply for a loan.

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