Citizen Assist AI

Elect Tars AI Agents for your customer satisfaction

Elect Tars AI Agents for your customer satisfaction

Elect Tars AI Agents for your customer satisfaction

High call volumes and complex bureaucratic processes strain government agencies, causing service delays and citizen frustration. Outdated systems, fragmented information, and time-consuming manual tasks compound existing inefficiencies. Tars' Citizen Assist AI streamlines communication and self-service, addressing these challenges through tailored automation.


Enabling intelligent citizen interactions and efficient operations

Streamlined service delivery

Citizen Assist AI automates complex government processes, ensures compliance, reduces errors, and enhances efficiency and satisfaction.

Instant government assistance

Citizen Assist AI delivers accurate, real-time information to citizens, reduces staff workload, and fosters engagement and trust in government.

Insurance Advisor

Seamless system integration

Citizen Assist AI integrates with government systems, automates processes, and ensures data consistency, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual work.

Omnichannel citizen engagement

Citizen Assist AI interacts with citizens on preferred channels, simplifying access to services and support, improving satisfaction and participation, especially for underserved communities.

Citizen journey optimization

Citizen Assist AI provides analytics to identify pain points, optimize citizen experience, simplify processes, and improve engagement and service delivery outcomes.

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Streamline application processes and improve turnaround times


Citizen Assist AI automates the application submission process, reducing manual effort and improving accuracy. This leads to faster application processing and improved citizen satisfaction.


Citizen Assist AI offers immediate access to information on government services, eligibility criteria, and FAQs. This reduces the need for citizens to contact support, ultimately lowering call volume and operational costs.


Citizen Assist AI enables citizens to check the status of their applications, licenses, and permits seamlessly. This improves citizen experience and reduces administrative workload.

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Government Workflow AI for internal automation

AI-based search

Quickly access relevant data from government databases for faster decision-making and efficient citizen service.

Agent assist tools

Provide real-time guidance and recommendations, helping government staff navigate complex scenarios and deliver personalized solutions with confidence.

Efficient HR automation

Streamline HR inquiries and automate onboarding and offboarding workflows for government employees with an intelligent assistant, saving time and resources.

Streamlined reporting

Automate report generation by fetching and compiling data from multiple systems, eliminating manual tasks and ensuring consistency.

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Elect Tars AI Agents for your customer satisfaction

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We redefine the customer
experience for market leaders

We redefine the customer experience for market leaders

Seamless customization and integration


Align chatbot appearance precisely to mirror your brand. Automate various tasks, like fetching data from external databases, or triggering actions in other applications. Seamlessly integrate the chatbot with your existing CRM framework through API Gambit configuration.

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Are privacy and security concerns about AI technology on your mind?

At Tars, we take privacy and security very seriously. We are compliant with SOC 2, GDPR, ISO and HIPAA.

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