Case Studies and Success Stories

How Vakilsearch generates 20% of their leads using chatbots

Vakilsearch is one of the few pioneering companies around the world, that is using chatbots as a key part of their strategy. They have used the TARS builder to create over a hundred chatbots that they use on their ad campaigns to capture a staggering 20% of all of their leads.

GenY Medium
How GenYMedium Dropped Their Client’s Cost Per Lead By 50% Using A Chatbot

GenYMedium used TARS conversational landing pages to create a marketing and sales funnel, for their client, Coffee Creators, that generates hundreds of cheap, high-quality leads every month through Google Ads.

LawRato Increased its Conversion Rate by 80% Using a Chatbot

The end result with the Chatbot is a hyper-focused lead generation experience with zero training costs, zero wait time, 24/7 availability, a personalized UX and a 80% increase in conversion rate.

iKeva used Chatbots to Increase their Google Ads Conversion Rate by 155%

iKeva, a coworking space company, began using Chatbots 6 months ago and have dramatically increased their PPC conversion rate without increasing their Ad spend.

This Company Automates 70% of customer support requests with a Chatbot

Alex from GogglesNMore estimates that 70% of all customer support requests are generic that the bot can handle. In fact when Hurricane Irma devastated their call center, the bot helped ensure that the company’s customer support system stayed up and running

How BabyChakra increased lead conversion by 3x

Babychakra, used chatbots to boost their form conversion rate 3x, and provide a more robust service to their users.

On Empathy and Signups: How SHEROES uses chat

The chat to sign up button takes up a very small portion of SHEROES’ sign up page but it still brings in 8% of all SHEROES sign ups.

How Indiana INBiz saved $200,000 with a chatbot

Collin Rainey worked with the Indiana State Government to revamp the way they communicate with small business owners in the state. In the process, he helped them save over $200,000!

Bajaj Finance
Bajaj Finance drives 25% of Credit Card Sales using Tars Conversational Landing Pages

Using Tars conversational landing pages (chatbots), Bajaj Finance’s Credit Card team has been able to supercharge their efficiency and today Bajaj Finance uses Chatbots to generate 25% of their new Credit Card Customers.

Center For Sight Used a Chatbot to Reduce Cost Per Click and Build Trust

Center for Sight today gets more leads for less money. The end result has been a 29% drop in Cost Per Lead.

Automotive Dynamics Increased Conversion Rate by 50% using a PPC Chatbot

Using a PPC Chatbot, Mark has created a more frictionless buyer journey. This has resulted in a  50% increase in conversion rate and a corresponding drop in cost per lead.

Pazmental uses ChatBots to Automate their Data Entry and Tracking

Pazmental worked with the TARS chatbot builder to create a data collection chatbot for their nurses. The end result is a more effective, transparent service, and satisfied customers.

How StyleDiem increased their conversion rate by 25% with a Tars Chatbot

With Tars chatbot, my users can’t get confused in any way since it’s like texting with someone.

Chat to Book helps MyGlamm book more appointments

The implementation has been so successful that today, 10% of MyGlamm’s bookings come through the TARS interface.

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