Healthcare Concierge AI and Healthcare Advisor AI

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High call volumes and complex healthcare services overwhelm staff, causing delays in personalized care. Patients struggle to understand and choose the right treatment options. Our AI Agents efficiently address these challenges through tailored, automated solutions, ensuring personalized assistance.


Healthcare Concierge AI

Healthcare Concierge AI streamlines and automates customer support for healthcare providers.


Healthcare Advisor AI

Healthcare Advisor AI is designed to help healthcare providers guide patients through tailored care journeys.


Enabling intelligent patient interactions and efficient operations

Automated care coordination

Streamline healthcare processes like scheduling, referrals, and refills to ensure compliance, reduce errors, and boost efficiency and satisfaction.

Instant medical guidance

Provide instant, accurate answers about services, treatments, medications, and self-care to empower patients, reduce staff workload, and improve engagement and adherence.

Seamless system integration

Integrate with EHRs, practice management software, and telehealth systems to automate appointment management, refills, and care plan updates, boosting efficiency and ensuring continuity of care.


Omnichannel patient engagement

Integrate with healthcare systems to automate appointments, refills, and care plans, boosting efficiency and continuity of care.

Patient journey optimization

Analyze patient interactions to identify pain points, optimize experience, streamline processes, and enhance education, increasing engagement and improving outcomes.

Seamless human-AI collaboration

Seamlessly blend AI efficiency with human expertise via live chat when needed, ensuring personalized support and optimal customer experience.

Explore Healthcare Concierge AI use cases

Streamline appointment scheduling and reduce no-shows


Healthcare Concierge AI automates the appointment scheduling process, sending reminders and allowing patients to easily reschedule or cancel, reducing no-shows and improving staff efficiency.


Healthcare Concierge AI offers immediate access to health information, medication details, and FAQs, reducing the need for patients to contact support, ultimately lowering call volume and operational costs.


Healthcare Concierge AI enables patients to request prescription refills easily, sends reminders, and provides information on medication usage, improving medication adherence and reducing administrative workload.


Personalize care journeys, improve outcomes, and drive patient satisfaction

Personalized care recommendations

Guide patients through personalized care journeys with relevant information based on health status and risk factors to increase engagement, adherence, and improve outcomes.

Intelligent symptom assessment

Answer common inquiries with accurate, personalized information on symptoms, tests, treatments, and side effects to reduce staff workload.

Insurance Advisor

Targeted patient engagement

Use WhatsApp to send personalized reminders, educational content, and care plan updates based on patient data to encourage treatment adherence and preventive care.

Seamless healthcare navigation

Help patients navigate healthcare systems, understand insurance, connect with specialists, and reduce confusion and anxiety.

Continuous care optimization

Analyze user flows to identify bottlenecks, simplify scheduling, and address social determinants of health, enabling providers to optimize patient experience and reduce care gaps.

Explore Healthcare Advisor AI use cases

Guide patients to the right healthcare services


Healthcare Advisor AI helps patients find the most suitable healthcare services based on their specific needs and preferences, improving patient satisfaction and increasing engagement.


Healthcare Advisor AI provides clear, concise explanations of health conditions and treatment options, helping patients make informed decisions and reducing the need for human intervention.


Healthcare Advisor AI collects necessary information from patients and generates referrals to specialists quickly, streamlining the care coordination process and improving patient outcomes.


Healthcare Workflow AI for internal automation

AI-based search

Access relevant data from internal systems for faster decisions and efficient service.

Agent assist tools

Guide reps through complex scenarios to deliver personalized solutions confidently.

Efficient HR automation

Automate HR inquiries, onboarding, and offboarding to save time and resources.

Streamlined reporting

Automate report generation from multiple systems, saving time and ensuring consistency.

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Doctor or Hospital Appointment Scheduling Bot

If you are a doctor or a hospital manager, you will know that a lot of time gets wasted in scheduling. Hospital Staff gets tied up manually corresponding with patients to do something as simple as setting an appointment when they could be doing something more valuable. Imagine if a bot could handle all the mundane stuff so that your staff is free to do more.


Prescribe customer satisfaction with Tars AI Agents

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We redefine the customer
experience for market leaders

We redefine the customer experience for market leaders

Seamless customization and integration


Align chatbot appearance precisely to mirror your brand. Automate various tasks, like fetching data from external databases, or triggering actions in other applications. Seamlessly integrate the chatbot with your existing CRM framework through API Gambit configuration.

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