What is an HR & Recruitment chatbot?

An HR & Recruitment chatbot is a fully automated piece of software that has a conversation with your prospects to capture and qualify leads in your digital marketing campaigns.

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Chatbot for HR Serviceschatbot

Chatbot for HR Services

This HR services chatbot simplifies a user’sexperience on a company’s website. The chatbot provides the user with detailsabout the services that the company offers. The chatbot also engages withpeople looking for a recruitment firm as well as applicants seeking jobs. Thebot does this while converting the said users/applicants into leads. Additionaldetails about the company, i.e additional services & the company’s clientsare also part of the information that the chatbot gives to its users.

Interview Chatbotchatbot

Interview Chatbot

If some one wanted to get information from you, they could have you fill out a form or they could interview. Which would you prefer? I certainly would hate the form. Sadly however, it is not always feasible for someone to interview you. That is why we built the awesome profile bot. It marries the engagement of human conversation with the convenience of non-human interaction.

Chatbot for Management Evaluation Surveychatbot

Chatbot for Management Evaluation Survey

Do you want to understand what is your employee perception of the senior management team? If yes, then try this HR chatbot template that is designed to collect feedback to get insights on effectiveness, direction, team development, and other skills of the management team.

Executive Recruiting Chatbotchatbot

Executive Recruiting Chatbot

Hiring the right kind of employee is always a difficult task for companies. Many executive recruitment firms like yours are helping companies in finding the right employee for them. This work requires expertise and experience and what if a chatbot can help your clients understand your experience and expertise. Try this free chatbot template today and see the difference in your recruitment process.

Employment Application Chatbotchatbot

Employment Application Chatbot

Are you struggling to collect candidate information? Then this chatbot template can surely help you out. Designed in an interactive way to help your candidates share all the information you require for your screening process, this chatbot can make your recruitment shorter and quicker.

HR And Payroll Software Chatbotchatbot

HR And Payroll Software Chatbot

Do you work in the HR and recruitment industry? Do you want to provide HR and Payroll solutions to clients? Handling payroll, tax reporting, and HR management is a difficult task for any business, be it a start-up or a corporate. What if you could provide software that handles all these tasks efficiently and in very little time? With this chatbot template, you can tell the users about the features and benefits of availing your software solution. You can collect their details and get them to book a demo of your software so that they can try it before they buy it.

Skills Assessment Quiz chatbot

Skills Assessment Quiz

Want to hire employees with high-level or future demanding skills sets? Nothing is better than a chatbot, to let your prospect knows what you are expecting in your future workforce. Use this free quiz chatbot template today to make sure your prospect employees know what skills you are looking for.


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Work Stress Survey Chatbotchatbot

Work Stress Survey Chatbot

A good organization is the one that cares about their employees' well-being and makes sure that they don't have work stress. And to ease you with this process we have designed this free chatbot template that will help you in understanding your employee stress level and what their expectations from your organization.

Internal HR Chatbotchatbot

Internal HR Chatbot

This internal chatbot template is a blessing for the HR team. By taking over the routine tasks, chatbots free up recruiters giving them more time for proactive sourcing and doing the work more effectively.

Chatbot for Employee Benefits Surveychatbot

Chatbot for Employee Benefits Survey

This employee benefits chatbot is designed to gather employee views that they normally resist sharing openly. It provides a different perspective compared to what they may get from face-to-face communications.

Application for Restaurant Staff Employmentchatbot

Application for Restaurant Staff Employment

Are you looking to increase the number of employment applicants for your restaurant? This chatbot template is designed for that. It collects all the information required from potential candidates including references, their resume, and their contact details. It will generate and qualify legitimate leads for you, getting you more, better applicants than ever!




BIOTEMP Software Demo Chatbotchatbot

BIOTEMP Software Demo Chatbot

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, if your company has come up with a safety measure to make the lives of HR easy with a contactless attendance and temperature recording software, this chatbot can help you spread the word for the same. You can also collect demo requests for the software over this chatbot and generate other leads for future reference.

Bloom HRchatbot

Bloom HR

Bloom HR





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Business Compliance Training Quizchatbot

Business Compliance Training Quiz

Every business organization strives to comply with the laws and regulations governing the organization. In order to accomplish it, all the employees, recruiters and staff of the organization must be trained and tested to ensure that they understand the organizational and legal compliance requirements of the company. This chatbot template engages your employees with a quiz on business compliance and thus, can be used to test your employees' understanding of the organizational and legal compliance requirements of your company.

Candidate Interview Evaluation Chatbotchatbot

Candidate Interview Evaluation Chatbot

Selecting the right candidate for a position can be tough. But this HR chatbot template can make it easier for you. You just have to rate each candidate's relevant information so that you can easily compare the ratings to identify the best candidate.

Career Opportunities Chatbotchatbot

Career Opportunities Chatbot

Do you work in the HR and Recruitment industry? Do you want to hire people to work in your organization? Every company needs to recruit people based on their needs and requirements. They need to post the positions available and provide a job description. They also need to showcase the benefits and perks and what they are looking for in the candidates. What if you could do all this in a concise manner and help the users apply by asking them a few questions? This chatbot template has got you covered.

Career Quiz Chatbotchatbot

Career Quiz Chatbot

Estimating your personal interests and usual style is a daunting task as it is, and it gets more complex when its for students looking-up to take admission in college after they choose their career stream. This chatbot helps in doing just that by taking the students through some career-focused interesting questions. Further helping them become more informed and the business offering this career quiz to subsequently keep them posted on what's latest, up-and-coming from their side!

Centric Consultingchatbot

Centric Consulting

Centric Consulting

Chat for IT Staffing Firmchatbot

Chat for IT Staffing Firm

Unable to generate enough leads from your website, feel as if there’s something that the website lacks? This HR Recruitment chatbot is probably that particular thing your website needs. The chatbot takes the user through two different workflows, one designed for the recruiters while the other being for job-seekers. The bot guides them throught the processes involved and later converts them into leads so that further communication with them can be made.

Chatbot for Biotech/Pharmaceutical Recruitment Companychatbot

Chatbot for Biotech/Pharmaceutical Recruitment Company

Finding the right talent for your company or a client's company can be an extremely complicated task to do. Wouldn't it be better if you could somehow make things simpler and less complicated for yourself? This chatbot is just for you! From getting into engaging conversations with the user to giving them details of your services, this bot does it all!

Chatbot for Consultancy Servicechatbot

Chatbot for Consultancy Service

This chatbot is built to simplify the experience of a user visiting your website. Not only does it make your website easy to navigate by providing in-chatbot links and redirections, it also converts them into leads for you. So that you are good to go when it comes to making further communications with them.


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Chatbot for Contingency Recruitment Servicechatbot

Chatbot for Contingency Recruitment Service

Chatbot for Contingency Recruitment Service

Chatbot for Hiring Contract Resourceschatbot

Chatbot for Hiring Contract Resources

Do you want to provide companies with an easy and efficient way to hire contract resources? Look no further, because this chatbot is the perfect fit for you. With this chatbot template, you can ask the users if they are students or professionals and what kind of technology and skills they would like to learn. You can collect their contact details so that you can contact them about your mentoring program and other training programs that are related to their areas of interest. Generating leads has never been easier.

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