Tars’ Live Chat: Handle the unforeseen challenges with ease

Our AI Agents can be trained to handle most questions. However, to handle complex or unexpected problems, they can seamlessly transfer the conversation to a live agent for quick resolution.

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Chosen by 700+ global brands across 10+ industries

Chosen by 700+ global brands across 10+

Instant handover at any point to a Live Agent

Enable customers to interact with a live agent in real-time to handle complex or unique issues on your website, app, or WhatsApp.

  • The AI Agent can pre-screen and qualify leads and provide initial support, allowing agents to focus on high-value interactions.
  • The context of the conversation is automatically passed on to the live agent for a faster resolution.
  • Tars’ native Live Chat interface allows for seamless handover of conversations from AI to human and vice-versa.

Reduce agent workload and improve scalability for a holistic approach to customer support with Tars’ Live Chat.

Live Chat Analytics: Enhance CX with data-driven insights

Tars Live Chat Analytics offers valuable data on customer behavior and support effectiveness, allowing you to discern bottlenecks and elevate customer experience.

  • Agent reports provide insights on first response time, resolution time, and customer satisfaction to increase agent performance.
  • Live Chat Analytics provides insights into total conversations, wait times, and CSAT surveys, enabling you to improve customer experience.
  • Customize report durations to evaluate performance growth over time.

Tars’ Live Chat Analytics enables you to track and improve the performance of live chat support, ensuring that your customers always have a positive and personalized experience.

Integrate Live Chat with your existing software


Tars Live Chat seamlessly integrates with your existing software, ensuring workflow automation without interrupting your business operations.


Reduce wait times and improve agent performance with Live Chat.

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Learn how our customers did it

We redefine the customer
experience for market leaders

We redefine the customer experience for market leaders

Seamless customization and integration


Align chatbot appearance precisely to mirror your brand. Automate various tasks, like fetching data from external databases, or triggering actions in other applications. Seamlessly integrate the chatbot with your existing CRM framework through API Gambit configuration.

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Are privacy and security concerns about AI technology on your mind?

At Tars, we take privacy and security very seriously. We are compliant with SOC 2, GDPR, ISO and HIPAA.

ISO 27001