What is a Miscellaneous chatbot?

A Miscellaneous chatbot is a fully automated piece of software that has a conversation with your prospects to capture and qualify leads in your digital marketing campaigns.

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Airtel Black Chatbotchatbot

Airtel Black Chatbot

This customer support chatbot is designed to identify potential customers, answer the queries that they have in regard to your products or services. Also, it makes sure that customers can engage in a real-time basis, responding to their queries and at the same time, collecting information about their preferences.

Beroe Queries Chatbotchatbot

Beroe Queries Chatbot

Do you work in the customer support industry? Do you want to provide answers to FAQs? Customer support service is a vital part of any business or company because customers almost always have queries regarding the products or services. Every website has a FAQ section to help the customers. But, what if you could provide answers to the queries of users in a creative way with the help of a chatbot? This chatbot template will help you do that and also help users get in touch with your team easily.

Biodata Botchatbot

Biodata Bot

Paper biodata is boring. Stand out to all those potential matches with a personal bot like this one.

Bitcoin Explainer Chatbotchatbot

Bitcoin Explainer Chatbot

Bitcoin is more than just that thing you use to buy drugs on the dark web. It is a revolutionary technology that will turn many industries on their head. Including believe it or not, the government.

Breaking Bad Chatbotchatbot

Breaking Bad Chatbot

This bot is the one who knocks. Seriously. If you are a Breaking Bad fan, check it out.

Business Coach Appointment Booking Chatbotchatbot

Business Coach Appointment Booking Chatbot

This free lead generation chatbot can help you in getting more audience and at the same time help you converting into subscribers. It will also find out about what your users want, after which it gives them the relevant solution.

Chabtot for Air Conditioner Service Camp Registrationchatbot

Chabtot for Air Conditioner Service Camp Registration

Are you organizing your next offline retargeting campaign and looking to maximize lead generation opportunities? This chatbot offers details of a free electronics service camp and captures leads of interested visitors.


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Chatbot for Cooling Storage Agencychatbot

Chatbot for Cooling Storage Agency

This lead generation chatbot not only share different solutions as per your customer requirment but at the same time can book appointments, and the booking information would go directly to the relevant team.This prevents investing extra cost in hiring human resources and trouble handling appointment traffic.

Chatbot for LinkedIn Profilechatbot

Chatbot for LinkedIn Profile

Say goodbye to the old resume format. With this resume chatbot template, recruiters can straight away get information in regards to accomplishments, work experience, education, and information that interest them.

Chatbot for Project Management Consultingchatbot

Chatbot for Project Management Consulting

Generating sales leads is a key part of having a successful business. And with this chatbot template, you can generate high-quality sales leads by giving a timely personalized response to them. It will help you in turning a lead into customer and customer into a returning customer. So, what are you waiting for? Try this template today and see the amazing response rate.

Chatbot for Quizchatbot

Chatbot for Quiz

How easy would it get if instead of creating a complete website with multiple pages one could just have a single bot taking the quiz? A lot less complex coding would be involved given the chatbot would anyway come with the functionality to allow for loopings and if and else functions. With our custome curated chatbot, the same can be done with ease. While this particular template is about a personality quiz, yet the looping and cross referencing options have been enabled to make sure that you can change the text as per your requirement and be ready to go at the tap of a button.

Child Care Recruitment and Placement Agency  Chatbotchatbot

Child Care Recruitment and Placement Agency Chatbot

Are you in the business of providing child care services? This lead generation chatbot proactively interacts with the customers, delivering them quick responses around the clock thus leading to happy customers.

Clippy Assistant Chatbotchatbot

Clippy Assistant Chatbot

Clippy was my best friend as a child (sad I know). This bot is an homage to my dear friend.

CRISPR Botchatbot


Imagine if you had a find and replace function for DNA. Well, that future is not too far away. Check out this bot explaining why.

Customer Support Chatbot for Eureka Forbeschatbot

Customer Support Chatbot for Eureka Forbes

Being in consumer-centric business you need strong customer service that helps you in customer satisfaction. This chatbot can significantly reduce human interference as customers don't have to connect with your human reps to get answers. If their problem is simple the chatbot can answer spontaneously. With all this, your agents can focus on more complex and time-consuming cases.


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Disaster Evaluation Survey Chatbotchatbot

Disaster Evaluation Survey Chatbot

Do you work in the Survey industry? Do you want to provide people with a quick survey? Disasters happen due to both natural and man made reasons. Evaluation of the disaster is important to assess the situation and act accordingly. What if you could provide users with a disaster evaluation checklist so that you can get a clear idea about the extent of the damage and injuries? This chatbot template will help you do just that. You can ask users simple questions and collect their answers to assess and mitigate the situation.




Donation on Chatbotchatbot

Donation on Chatbot

Nonprofit organizations often rely on supporters to assist them with fundraising or other types of volunteering. So, when your nonprofits lack the staff members needed to adequately engage with audiences about fundraising, this free chatbots template could help.

Dussehra Wishes Botchatbot

Dussehra Wishes Bot

The next time you are celebrating a festival, why not blow the minds of your friends and relatives by creating a bot instead of a greeting card. That is what we did.




Fashion Show Botchatbot

Fashion Show Bot

At Tars we aim to be on the bleeding edge of conversational experiences. As such check out the world’s first bot fashion show. What does that mean? You’ll have to click to find out

Funding Chatbot for Environmental NGOschatbot

Funding Chatbot for Environmental NGOs

This chatbot gives information about the importance and ways to achieve sustainability. It asks for the interested visitors if they want to donate some amount for the cause. Interested visitors are redirected to the payment page.

Game Feedback Chatbotchatbot

Game Feedback Chatbot

This feedback chatbot template acts as a channel through which people can give gaming studios feedback. If you are in this industry and wondering what your users feel about the games you develop and how you can improve them, turn to this chatbot to get their insights.


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Giphy Search Botchatbot

Giphy Search Bot

Search for a GIF and the bot gets you one directly from GIPHY.

Grooming Training Chatbotchatbot

Grooming Training Chatbot

Every man at some point in their lives faces issues with their shaving products. For the same, the need to educate them on shaving techniques, determining their skin types and suggesting remedies is indispensable. If you sell men's grooming products, try out this chatbot template to personally help your users and increase your sales.

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