What is a Learning & Development chatbot?

A Learning & Development chatbot is a fully automated piece of software that has a conversation with your prospects to capture and qualify leads in your digital marketing campaigns.

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Contraception Helpline Botchatbot

Contraception Helpline Bot

This chatbot provides a helpline for contraception and birth control queries. Medical professionals can use this as a template to provide information to patients regarding healthy birth control methods and help couples to plan a pregnancy. It informs them about risks and benefits of modern contraception.

Employee Training Botchatbot

Employee Training Bot

Ever need to teach your employees to do a simple process. Why spend the time yourself repeating yourself over and over again when a bot can do the job for you?


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Health Care Research App Download Chatbotchatbot

Health Care Research App Download Chatbot

Healthcare has seen quite a number of technological improvements. This chatbot helps users download apps to stay up to date with all the cutting edge research and bring it into clinical practice. If you're looking to increase the signs ups of your healthcare app and also generate leads, turn to this chatbot template right away.

HR Policies ChatBotchatbot

HR Policies ChatBot

Strides’ bot shows how chatbots can be used within enterprises to make the often dreadful HR experience more frictionless. Gone are the days when employees need to trawl through boring sites with bad designs. They have everything they need a few messages away.

Porn Recovery Coach Lead Generation Chatbotchatbot

Porn Recovery Coach Lead Generation Chatbot

Do you work in the porn recovery coaching industry? Do you want to help men who are seeking freedom from porn and lust? A lot of men are addicted to porn and do not know how to quit even if they want to. What if you could provide them a plan to get freedom from their porn addiction? This chatbot helps the users get an insight on the work you do and get them enrolled for a 10 day freedom from porn action plan if they are interested. Generate leads of potential customers with the help of this template.


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Sexual Health Consultation Chatbotchatbot

Sexual Health Consultation Chatbot

This chatbot is a perfect tool for health care companies who want to assist users with queries related to their sexual health. This bot initiates a live consultation and answers various questions regarding male and female reproductive health. It simplifies the process by resolving queries concerning the dynamic aspects of sexual health such as puberty, pregancy, genital health etc.

Social Security Consultant Chatbotchatbot

Social Security Consultant Chatbot

Being a social security attorney you need to be convincing and trustworthy for your clients. You have to make sure that they get the social security benefits they deserve. By using this free chatbot template, you can help your clients understand their rights and the procedure they should follow to claim their benefits. Also, you get to capture lead data whenever someone visits your website.

User Onboarding Chatbotchatbot

User Onboarding Chatbot

Wishberry helps customers start projects using the power of crowd funding. Their bot serves a dual purpose of explaining their product and onboarding depending on what you require. If you want to build a bot for either of these use cases do take this chatbot template out for a spin.

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