What is a Feedback & Survey chatbot?

A Feedback & Survey chatbot is a fully automated piece of software that has a conversation with your prospects to capture and qualify leads in your digital marketing campaigns.

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Chatbot for Management Evaluation Surveychatbot

Chatbot for Management Evaluation Survey

Do you want to understand what is your employee perception of the senior management team? If yes, then try this HR chatbot template that is designed to collect feedback to get insights on effectiveness, direction, team development, and other skills of the management team.

Chatbot for Auto Dealer Experiencechatbot

Chatbot for Auto Dealer Experience

Want to know more about your customer's buying experience? Then this automotive chatbot template will definitely help you with that. It will help you understand customer's feedback on your service and how the experience was with you.

Patient Treatment Assessment Chatbot chatbot

Patient Treatment Assessment Chatbot

Data on patient treatment assessment is a crucial part of any healthcare provider in order to assess its success in terms of their patient's treatment success. This chatbot template helps the provider extract valuable insights into how well they are providing care to their patients base which they can use to improvise or better their services.

Student Satisfaction Survey Chatbotchatbot

Student Satisfaction Survey Chatbot

This interactive chatbot template is designed to know how students feel about a university's environment and facilities. If you are looking to know how you can improve your students' satisfaction levels, try this template today.

Work Stress Survey Chatbotchatbot

Work Stress Survey Chatbot

A good organization is the one that cares about their employees' well-being and makes sure that they don't have work stress. And to ease you with this process we have designed this free chatbot template that will help you in understanding your employee stress level and what their expectations from your organization.

Chatbot to Collect Conference Feedbackchatbot

Chatbot to Collect Conference Feedback

Conducted a conference recently? Was it a success? Collecting valuable feedback can be quite cumbersome. Step out of those boring feedback forms and check out how Feeb bot handles it all.

Airline Passenger Survey Chatbotchatbot

Airline Passenger Survey Chatbot

This airline passenger feedback survey chatbot template will help you get insights into what your customers feel about your airline. Rest assured this is the best replacement for your feedback form.


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Chatbot for Employee Benefits Surveychatbot

Chatbot for Employee Benefits Survey

This employee benefits chatbot is designed to gather employee views that they normally resist sharing openly. It provides a different perspective compared to what they may get from face-to-face communications.

Government Chatbot to Collect Citizen Feedbackchatbot

Government Chatbot to Collect Citizen Feedback

Governments often implement some crazy policies. Sadly though, we need to wait years between elections to give them feedback. Imagine if you could message them your thoughts and grievances in real-time. That is what this bot did for one government policy.




[Ivein Clinic ]chatbot

[Ivein Clinic ]

Arabic chatbot for client

Adobe Event Feedback Chatbotchatbot

Adobe Event Feedback Chatbot

Are you facing difficulty in collecting post-event feedback? Then this event chatbot will surely help you. The post-event chatbot can follow up with participants by forwarding links to your post-event feedback by asking users simple questions about their experience. If users expressed interest in particular exhibitors, allowing them the opportunity to generate leads.

Advertising Effectiveness Survey Chatbotchatbot

Advertising Effectiveness Survey Chatbot

This survey chatbot template helps agencies and market research companies understand the effectiveness of their ads. It shows how customers react to company ads and source in all the details for lead generation.

Auto Service Feedback Chatbotchatbot

Auto Service Feedback Chatbot

This automobile service feedback chatbot will help you collect valuable customer insights like how satisfied they are with your services, things you can improve on, etc. This insight will definitely grow your sales thus lead to improving customer satisfaction.





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Bank Survey Chatbotchatbot

Bank Survey Chatbot

The banking industry operates in a customer-driven market. Taking customer feedback regularly can help you polish your products and services from time to time. This chatbot template has been designed to help you determine whether your customers are happy with your services and which areas need improvement.

Beta Testers Feedback Botchatbot

Beta Testers Feedback Bot

Customer feedback is extremely important to any business. From understand the customer experience to areas of improvement, this simple feedback chatbot is designed to capture the essential details. Designed to capture test feedback, it allows the end users to provide project details, ease of use, workflow and many specific feedback items that can help improve the overall experience.




Brand Mindset IQ Survey Chatbotchatbot

Brand Mindset IQ Survey Chatbot

Do you know your customers well? Does your customer expectations align with your business goals? If all these questions are still in your mind, then try this survey chatbot template that will help you in working towards your business goals.

Business Registration Survey chatbot

Business Registration Survey

Do you want to capture lead information of users so that you can give the best solution to them after understanding their requirement? Then this chatbot template is best for you where you can understand what they are looking for. Moreover, you can use this information for future nurturing.

Candidate Interview Evaluation Chatbotchatbot

Candidate Interview Evaluation Chatbot

Selecting the right candidate for a position can be tough. But this HR chatbot template can make it easier for you. You just have to rate each candidate's relevant information so that you can easily compare the ratings to identify the best candidate.

Car Selection Chatbotchatbot

Car Selection Chatbot

Are you a car manufacturing company looking for customers in search of their perfect cars? This chatbot template is an interactive way to get your work done. Selling cars couldn't have been easier.


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Chatbot for Adolescent Well-Being Surveychatbot

Chatbot for Adolescent Well-Being Survey

Turn your survey into conversational and engaging chatbot with this template. You can collect your audience feedback without any hiccups and at the same time can provide information.

Chatbot for Customer Service Representative Feedbackchatbot

Chatbot for Customer Service Representative Feedback

Not sure how your representative deals with your customer queries? Then try this feedback chatbot template to know how well your service representative does the job and their way of handling queries. It will also help you understand what can be improved to provide better customer service.

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