What is an Events chatbot?

An Events chatbot is a fully automated piece of software that has a conversation with your prospects to capture and qualify leads in your digital marketing campaigns.

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Chatbot for Event Management Companychatbot

Chatbot for Event Management Company

Are you an event management company? Do you often wonder how convenient it would be for your website visitors to interact with you if you had an engaging interface? If your answer is yes, then you need to have this chatbot template on your website to help you convey the services you offer and collect user data.

Wedding Planner Chatbotchatbot

Wedding Planner Chatbot

Got the wedding bells ringing?! A wedding is a magical life-milestone and a once in a lifetime experience. Desiring to have a gorgeous, out-of-box wedding in a beautiful environment is everyone's dream and its exactly what this chatbot help you make a reality! The wedding planner chatbot will provide you the answer to all your Maui breach wedding-related queries and connect you with the wedding planners who will take care of all your wedding arrangements right from the start to finish, and make it the most memorable moment of your life.

Chatbot for Virtual Business Expochatbot

Chatbot for Virtual Business Expo

Need assistance to generate bookings for your upcoming event? Then this chatbot template will help you. Sharing interesting details about your event, this chatbot collects user details to register them for your event.

Chatbot to Book Wedding Venuechatbot

Chatbot to Book Wedding Venue

This wedding venue booking chatbot can be programmed to answer basic questions about your venue, availability for the event and can provide a customized experience for attendees without requiring you or your staff to intervene. Also, this chatbot can collect information from your prospects around the clock.

Event Catering Chatbotchatbot

Event Catering Chatbot

Are you focused on making your customers' events memorable and provide impeccable service to them? Then why not start from the beginning itself? The moment they visit your website, this chatbot will collect details about their requirement, expectations, budget, and pass on the same to your event managers to act on.

Annual Expo Registration Chatbotchatbot

Annual Expo Registration Chatbot

Do you work in the events planning department? Do you want to take registrations for your annual meet? Most organizations usually host an annual meet and expo to give the overall status of the organization by the head of the company. Visiting the expo gives the members a chance to chat with the partners and sponsors of the company. What if you could provide event highlights and help the users in registering for the event and make hotel reservations? This chatbot template will help you do that and also generate leads.

Chatbot to Collect Conference Feedbackchatbot

Chatbot to Collect Conference Feedback

Conducted a conference recently? Was it a success? Collecting valuable feedback can be quite cumbersome. Step out of those boring feedback forms and check out how Feeb bot handles it all.


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Event Performer Application Chatbot chatbot

Event Performer Application Chatbot

Are you into event organizing business? Then you must be occupied in managing various tasks. And in this whole process, sometimes it becomes difficult to attend each and every lead that lands on your website especially when it comes to the participants who can add value to your events. With this chatbot, you can provide the right information to your leads without you handling it yourself.

American Conference Registration Chatbotchatbot

American Conference Registration Chatbot

Are you looking for people to register for your conferences? This chatbot template provides users with various conferences to choose from, telling them about the conferences and encouraging them to register for them. It collects users' information for you!

Adobe Event Feedback Chatbotchatbot

Adobe Event Feedback Chatbot

Are you facing difficulty in collecting post-event feedback? Then this event chatbot will surely help you. The post-event chatbot can follow up with participants by forwarding links to your post-event feedback by asking users simple questions about their experience. If users expressed interest in particular exhibitors, allowing them the opportunity to generate leads.

Adobe Event Registration Chatbotchatbot

Adobe Event Registration Chatbot

This event chatbot will be able to answer the most basic questions about your event, providing a customized experience for attendees without requiring you or your staff to intervene. Moreover, it can provide information on the speakers, directions to the venue, the agenda, and more in an instant.

AlekyaPrahasith Wedding Chatbotchatbot

AlekyaPrahasith Wedding Chatbot

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Back to Basicschatbot

Back to Basics

This event registeration chatbot can help in booking tickets or making seat reservations. Trying this chatbot will help you in eliminating the need to fill tedious forms and replace that with an engaging conversation.


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Bakery and Confectionery Event Registration Chatbot chatbot

Bakery and Confectionery Event Registration Chatbot

Are you facing challenges in getting registration for your event? Then this chatbot template is a solution to all your worries. Say goodbye to traditional methods of sending invites to your audience and instead create this chatbot and share the link with them and see the difference in your number of registrations.




Birthday Invitation Botchatbot

Birthday Invitation Bot

Birthdays are special days. As such the way you invite people to your party if you are having one should be special too. Check out our concept of a birthday invitation over chat.

Conference Registration Botchatbot

Conference Registration Bot

This bot helps you to share information about the event/conference and do RSVP at the same time.

Conference/Event Feedback ChatBotchatbot

Conference/Event Feedback ChatBot

Designup’s Conference Feedback bot shows how a simple feedback form can be made more engaging using chat. Attendees will feel like they are personally being interviewed for feedback rather than filling a boring old form.

Destination Wedding Planner Chatbotchatbot

Destination Wedding Planner Chatbot

Destination Wedding Planner Chatbot



Celebrate with Liberty Group Travel. When you want to say “I Do” in style, we're here to make the planning process stress-free. Our Liberty Group Travel consultants offer expert planning for destination weddings. From finding the perfect destination to crafting a custom itinerary, they’ll ensure your Big Day is seamless from start to finish. Plus, our close relationships with partners around the world means your group receives the best value complete with exclusive extras and special amenities. Best of all, our services are always free. Join us at our Destination Wedding Expo to start planning your special celebration and be sure to pre-register to receive an additional $50 booking discount.^





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Event Exhibitor Enquiry Chatbotchatbot

Event Exhibitor Enquiry Chatbot

This chatbot template is ideal for event organizers putting up an event and want a data-set of registrations. Designed to help you gauge the interest level of the user and accordingly filter them for lead generation.

Event Explainer and Promotion Botchatbot

Event Explainer and Promotion Bot

The next time you host an event, you could create your very own bot to invite everyone. A personal greeter over chat if you will. Check out this great example from Cult.

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