What is a Local Services chatbot?

A Local Services chatbot is a fully automated piece of software that has a conversation with your prospects to capture and qualify leads in your digital marketing campaigns.

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Book Plumber Services Chatbotchatbot

Book Plumber Services Chatbot

Nobody likes to wait around for a solution. When a customer has an issue, they’ll quickly lose patience if you can’t rectify the problem in a timely manner. This lead generation chatbots proactively interact with the customers, delivering them quick responses around the clock thus lead to a happy customer.

Book Roofing Repair Services Chatbotchatbot

Book Roofing Repair Services Chatbot

Being a small business multi-tasking is key and sometimes this can be quite challenging. What if a bot can help you manage some of the tasks for you? Try this free chatbot template that has everything you are looking for. This will answer all the queries that your prospective client may have and help you nurture the leads.

Chatbot for Heating and AC Repair Businesschatbot

Chatbot for Heating and AC Repair Business

Take good care of customers even when you need to take a break. This chatbot can easily automate your customer support process and can answer repetitive questions so that your team focuses on daily tasks.

Chatbot for Pest Control Services chatbot

Chatbot for Pest Control Services

Do you agree that the conversations your customers have with your business matter a lot? They help shape opinions consumers have about your business. This chatbot template will ensure that it will respond in an exact manner that you want it to at any moment.

Cleaning Services Chatbot chatbot

Cleaning Services Chatbot

Just like your home cleaning services, your business needs to be perfect and should provide a five-star experience to your website customers. And nothing is better than this lead generation chatbot where your customer can choose the services, book an appointment and at the same time get answers to all their queries.

Dry Cleaning Appointment Booking Chatbotchatbot

Dry Cleaning Appointment Booking Chatbot

If you're a laundry service provider, this chatbot template can explain the services, working, and pricing of your services. The user can conveniently pick a time for scheduling your service on the bot, allowing a seamless experience.

Garage Renting Chatbotchatbot

Garage Renting Chatbot

Peerspace is an online marketplace that connects professionals and businesses to great spaces. This chatbot aims to make finding and booking short-term space an easy and transparent process. The company hosts share their underutilized spaces with professionals seeking truly memorable experiences. Film and photo shoots, offsite meetings, product launches, and charity events are just a few of the many activities that take place on the platform. Whenever space is needed away from the home or office, it can happen with Peerspace.


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Home Renovation Services Chatbotchatbot

Home Renovation Services Chatbot

If you provide home renovation services and want to generate qualified leads for your sales team, this chatbot template can help you. It asks users which areas of their home they would like to renovate and collects their data.

Lead Generation Chatbot for Interior Design Serviceschatbot

Lead Generation Chatbot for Interior Design Services

Do you love creating beautiful homes for your customers? Then showing them your expertise and work portfolio can help set the right expectations. This chatbot template is designed to help you gather prospects' data that can increase the chances of you making new business.

Lead Generation Chatbot for Water Company chatbot

Lead Generation Chatbot for Water Company

Are you looking for good customer service that is available round the clock and has a positive impact on your customer satisfaction and retention? If yes, then this free lead generation chatbot helps you in getting your query resolved. It engages your customers 24×7 with immediate answers to all the common queries.

Locksmith Appointment Bookingchatbot

Locksmith Appointment Booking

This chatbot template lists out the services provided by a locksmith and informs the user of the costs of each of their services. The chatbot then engages in a personal approach for the disconcerted clients and books an appointment for them at a convenient time.




Airport Parking Chatbotchatbot

Airport Parking Chatbot

This chatbot template enables travelers to book a parking spot at all major airports across the USA. If you're a local parking service provider, this chatbot perfectly fits your need for generating leads and converting them into target customers. This template initiates the online process of reserving parking options at an airport at the consumers' convenience.

Alloy Wheel Repair Chatbotchatbot

Alloy Wheel Repair Chatbot

Does your customer find difficulty in purchasing products on your websites or apps? Try this Ecommerce chatbot which will help your user to showcase product links, images, videos, catalog items – it is all in the same place.

Appointment Booking Botchatbot

Appointment Booking Bot

Beauty services are just a few messages away with Myglamm Appointment Booking Bot.


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Appointment Booking Chatbot for Remedial Massage Therapist chatbot

Appointment Booking Chatbot for Remedial Massage Therapist

Are you in the business of easing your customer's stress and pain? If yes then it is important to earn their trust and interest in your services. Try this free chatbot template that will share your services in detail and in return will also understand your client's requirements thus helping you in building trust, improving brand awareness, gain customer attention.

Appointment Scheduling Chatbot for Diamond Storeschatbot

Appointment Scheduling Chatbot for Diamond Stores

If you're new to chatbot marketing and looking to replace your existing landing page, this chatbot template is going to help you schedule those appointments you've been looking for. Your customers are going to love how you show them the designs, let them make their choice and help them book an appointment at your store. All of this on ONE chatbot. Useful isn't it?

Art Exhibition Application Chatbotchatbot

Art Exhibition Application Chatbot

This chatbot template simplifies the process of applying for artists' artwork to be displayed at different art galleries. It allows the user to enjoy a seamless experience in filling out an application that collects their details, work, and an exhibition proposal.

Artist Booking Chatbotchatbot

Artist Booking Chatbot

This chatbot template helps prospects book an artist for their event. Taking them through a series of questions, this chatbot is the best tool you'll find to understand your clients' needs better.

Artistic Mural Business Quizchatbot

Artistic Mural Business Quiz

Businesses may require engaging, inspiring or relaxing mural artworks in their interiors or exteriors, in order to project their brand or create an atmosphere for their business. If you are a business that sells mural artwork for businesses, shops, restaurants, etc., then this chatbot template can act as an effective lead generation tool for your mural business.

Auction Facilitator Chatbotchatbot

Auction Facilitator Chatbot

Are you an auction house looking for the right customers to bid for your products? This chatbot template will definitely help you reach out to various bidders and thus get the correct price for your valuables.








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Bathroom Design Estimation Chatbotchatbot

Bathroom Design Estimation Chatbot

Are you into the business of bathroom remodeling services? If yes, then this chatbot will surely help you in getting hot leads for your business. It will understand their requirement, expectations, and budget that they looking for while you can finish with your daily task.

Beroe Queries Chatbotchatbot

Beroe Queries Chatbot

Do you work in the customer support industry? Do you want to provide answers to FAQs? Customer support service is a vital part of any business or company because customers almost always have queries regarding the products or services. Every website has a FAQ section to help the customers. But, what if you could provide answers to the queries of users in a creative way with the help of a chatbot? This chatbot template will help you do that and also help users get in touch with your team easily.

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