Student Loan Debt Quiz Chatbot

A positive user engagement is key to a successful lead gen strategy for every student loan servicer. While a quiz chatbot for student loan debt can engage customers fairly, what can make the quiz more interactive and interesting is chat automation. This chatbot for student loan debt questions can not only captivate customers but can also share some facts that they must know before filling out a loan application for private student loans and some general advice about a student loan. It can be configured to ask questions pertaining to federal student loan debt, variable-rate loan, period of deferment, student loan refinancing rates, government student loans, student loan repayment, cost of credit calculating, eligibility requirements, etc.

Features and Benefits :

1. The chatbot asks the user to select either "True" or "False" as an answer to the statements posed such as you are stuck with your interest rate, you can't have your student loans forgiven through Obama Student Loan Forgiveness, consolidating your loans isn't always the best option, applying to multiple lenders for student loan refinance will hurt my credit score, there is no penalty for paying off your student loans faster, and federal student loan consolidation will lower my interest rates.

2. It collects the user's name and email address to share the quiz results.

3. It can be configured to provide instant feedback on whether the user answered correctly or incorrectly based on the correct/incorrect statement provided by the user.

4. It can be configured to save the user's responses for future use.

5. It can be configured to help the customers know more about rates on student loans, private student loan refinancing, monthly loan statement, subsidized loan, loan repayment terms, graduate school loan products, and give some advice about student loan.

6. It can provide a summary of how many correct and incorrect answers were given by the user. This information helps the user know if they need to review any previous questions before answering them.

7. It can be integrated with other systems like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to automate repetitive tasks.

8. It can be used to collect survey data from users.

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