Housing Finance Lead Generation

Choosing the right loan product is difficult for potential customers and searching for the most suitable one for them is a real hassle for the lenders. But this chatbot template says otherwise. It can not only introduce every mortgage product that a company sells but also act as a mortgage calculator, basically killing two birds with one stone. After providing the options for both home purchase and home refinance loans to the qualified visitors, this landing page template can automate the lead capture form, which means, it can collect all the relevant information from the leads through a simple chat.

Features and Benefits :

1. The chatbot asks the customer if they are looking for mortgage options or want to calculate their mortgage payment.

2. It asks them to choose a mortgage option from a given list: FHA Home Loans, Home Improvement Loans, Jumbo Loans, Low Downpayment Programs, Down Payment Assistance Programs, Adjustable-Rate Mortgage, USDA Rural Home Loans, VA Home Loans, and Conventional Fixed-Rate Loan.

3. It asks them if they want a loan for a home purchase or a home refinance.

4. It asks them to choose the type of property they have/want to purchase/want to refinance.

5. It asks them for the year of purchase, the estimated value of the property, first mortgage balance and interest rate, property usage, property situation, property downpayment, loan term, property tax, etc.

6. It collects their name, phone number, email address, employment status, annual income, income proof, and monthly expenses.

7. This dedicated mortgage landing page chatbot can be configured to provide real time customer service to the target audience.

8. It can be configured to provide financial solutions to a potential client to be called an effective mortgage landing page.

9. It can collect important details regarding the mortgage rate, monthly payments, purchase price, etc.

10. It can generate overwhelming visitors as well as qualified leads.

11. It can automate a multi-step form for the purchase process, proving to be a high-converting landing page.

12. It can improve customer satisfaction and visitor engagement.

13. It is a customizable template.

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