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We are in a digital age. Long gone are those days when simple, everyday tasks would take an inordinate amount of time. With our Cash Advance chatbot, you can automate the entire process of providing quick cash advance loans to business owners who are in need of quick funding. It is also ideal for individuals seeking loans just for themselves. Take your marketing efforts up a notch by using our conversational AI that allows customers to feel comfortable and choose the method of communication they feel more comfortable with. Using our user-friendly chatbots will allow your conversion rates to skyrocket providing a significant boost to your annual revenue.

Features and Benefits :

  • Has separate options for business owners and employees.
  • Helps in generating quality leads via both E-mail and Phone Calls.
  • Simple and cost-effective method that will also give you a competitive advantage.
  • Is equipped for both business loans and personal loans.
  • Allows customers to choose between getting a demo or a callback, therefore, allowing them to choose a method of communication that they feel comfortable in.
  • Allows customers to pick their loan amount, tenure and also e-verify their loans; all in one place and without the hassle of any complicated paperwork.
  • Directs your customers directly to your app, making the process easier for them.
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    The future of customer experience is conversational.

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