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Banks and lending companies are facing problems of low conversion rates and high attrition rates for their organizations. Customers want the lending process to be quick, responsive, and interactive. These problems can be solved with the help of automated conversational-AI chatbots, which offer real-time query resolution, are accessible 24/7, and whose interactive interface makes it more engaging to talk to them. It also offers lead generation by collecting contact details of the customer during the conversation. You can start using the chatbot today to speed up your application process and make it more engaging, thus increasing customer experience.

Features and Benefits :

  • This chatbot offers a personal loan solution to potential customers. It asks customers to choose from a variety of different personal loans, such as top-up personal loans, flexicash, NRI personal loans, and fresher funding.
  • It shares the benefits of the particular type of loan selected.
  • Finally, it asks the customer to apply for the loan.
  • It starts the application process by asking for basic details such as name, phone number, email address, and pin code, and it also asks if the customer already has a loan with other banks.
  • It streamlines the entire customer journey.
  • Transforms the entire digital experience.
  • It provides a competitive advantage.
  • It makes a great digital lending platform for financial institutions.
  • It offers quick and interactive responses to the customers to increase engagement.
  • It saves the cost of a customer support agent to answer customer queries.
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