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Real estate buyer leads can be generated through a direct mail campaign or real estate referrals, but to reap the maximum benefits of a lead gen strategy, nothing can beat conversational AI. A cutting-edge real estate lead generation software for your financial institute could be the best way to drive organic traffic to your website. Chatbot for home buyer lead generation can offer unique home financing solutions for purchasing and refinancing home loans, making the application process seamless for the customers, especially the first-time home buyers to drive in a potential sale for the business.

Features and Benefits :

1. The chatbot asks the customer if they want to purchase a home or refinance a home.

2. If the customer wants to purchase, it asks them if they are looking for joint credit with a co-borrower.

3. It asks them if they will be living in the property they are purchasing. If they will not, then how will they use the property.

4. It asks them if they have found the place they want to buy. If they have, it asks them to share the contract closing date.

5. It asks them the price and estimated value of the property they want to buy.

6. It asks them to choose the type of property they are looking for, such as a single-family residence, a single-family residence with a home owner's association, a condominium, a townhouse, etc.

7. It asks them for the amount of money they have for a downpayment.

8. If the customer wants to refinance, it asks them to choose the reason behind it.

9. It asks them to choose the type of property they are looking to refinance: primary home, vacation home, or investment home.

10. It asks them for the amount they approximately owe on this property and the amount they originally paid for it.

11. It asks them to share the amount they want to borrow.

12. It asks them to share the time when they acquired the property.

13. It collects their name, date of birth, and contact info like phone number and email info.

14. It can personalize the buying experience for different types of buyers.

15. It can be configured to recommend good real estate agents and homes for sale to the target audience to kick start their house hunting endeavors.

16. This virtual real estate buyer's agent can be configured to help a qualified buyer, as well as a previous client, navigate through the real estate business and real estate companies to make their real estate experience relatively easier.

17. It can reach thousands of people quickly, unlike human agents.

18. It can allow a target buyer to interact with a loan officer in person without pressure.

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