Stimulus Check Calculator Chatbot

This smart, AI-based chatbot provides a quick stimulus quote to interested users via an interactive assessment. It asks people relevant questions regarding their income and income tax filings and provides them with a quote based on the same. It also answers any basic queries customers might have regarding stimulus checks. It can be used to redirect customers to any static content or blog post created by your company that might help them gain answers to their basic queries, or you can simply display any form of static content on the chatbot itself. It acts as an efficient lead generation tool as well; its interactive medium and smart conversational flow promotes more active engagement. It captures relevant data, such as phone numbers and email ids, of those interacting with it and is bound to improve overall conversion rates.

Features and Benefits :

  • Acts as an efficient, digital interactive tool that can be used to streamline relevant content on your website so potential customers or users can get answers to all their queries in a single place.
  • Acts as an interactive calculator that asks users relevant questions regarding their income and tax filings and provides them with a stimulus quote based on the same.
  • Can be used for you to display all types of content that you think would help customers understand the stimulus check process better; customers can access this informative content by simply clicking on the option of their choice.
  • The interactive experience provided by this Artificial Intelligence based tool is more likely to hold on to a reader's attention span rather than long forms or the traditional method.
  • The interactive experience ensures more user engagement which will ultimately improve overall conversion rates.
  • Online users can access this tool 24x7 to find answers to their queries.
  • It can also be an important part of marketing strategy as it generates important leads; this interactive tool comes with a smart conversational flow that captures important information such as phone numbers and email ids of users, these can be used later for various marketing campaigns.
  • Provides customers with a personalized experience with its interactive content and relieves customer service executives of the repetitive task of answering basic queries.
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