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Generating leads can be difficult if your customer does not know much about your business services or your agents' roles. To bridge this gap between the customers and the agents, businesses can use this free chatbot template which generates an entire resume of itself, but in the form of a conversation. It can keep your customers actively engaged as well as informed.

Features and Benefits :

  • The resume bot tells the user its position in the company/business and lists out the various fields of its expertise.
  • It allows the user to question the role of the chatbot, creating a back-and-forth flow of interaction between the bot and the user.
  • It lists out its various professional experiences in different companies, along with the details of what the job entailed.
  • It gives the user a list of significant skills it has acquired over time.
  • It allows the user to schedule a meeting.
  • It collects the user's email address if they agree to a meeting, but gives its own email address in case they don't.
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