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Mental health issues are rampant amongst the current population. The demand for mental health services is on the rise and making our smart, AI-based chatbot a part of your mental health marketing strategy, and customer service system might just be what you need to efficiently meet these demands. Mental Health experts can use this chatbot platform to streamline their services so people can easily spot what they are looking for when they come to their website. It acts as a digital receptionist that automates the entire process of booking appointments. Comes with a smart, interactive medium making customers more likely to interact with it rather than filling up long, boring forms. Can be accessed by patients 24x7 which is bound to increase your bookings. It is also an efficient lead generation tool that can help with future marketing campaigns and help improve conversion rates. Both Mental health companies and independent mental health service providers can use this chatbot to automate repetitive tasks, save time and costs, and also capture leads and improve customer engagement.

Features and Benefits :

  • Smart, AI-based digital platform for Mental Health Specialists that allows them to streamline every aspect of the customer service process so that people can get what they are looking for in one place instead of having to navigate the whole website.
  • Simulates the form of a human conversation so people feel more comfortable interacting with it and sharing their mental health concerns.
  • Relieves customer service representatives of repetitive such as booking appointments and answering basic questions.
  • Equipped with a smart conversational flow that generates leads by capturing important details of potential patients such as names, emails, and phone numbers, which is bound to improve overall conversion rates.
  • Helps accelerate the mental health treatment process by matching customers with the right specialists based on the information provided by you.
  • Simple, easy-to-use chatbot that can work as a great aid for those who do private practice and also big organizations.
  • Its smart, interactive mode of conversation incentivizes customer engagement.
  • Smart and easy way to display all the services or mental health programs that people can avail of at your organization.
  • Calendar scroller input that allows people to pick their dates of birth easily.
  • Given the mental health stigma that is prevalent today and the sensitive nature of the issue, some people may feel more comfortable booking an appointment via a chatbot than a real person or receptionist.
  • Can be used to send confirmation emails to users after the appointment is booked.
  • Is active 24x7 and can be accessed by potential clients at any time of the day.
  • Can act as a live chat by transferring the call to an actual customer service representative based on the patient's queries or demands.
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