Appointment Booking Chatbot for Sarvodaya Hospital

Are you a healthcare organization looking to automate your tasks and free-up your hospital staff from the hassle of administrative activities such as appointment booking and allotments? From helping patients choose specialty doctors, to clearing their various doubts, and booking an appointment in real-time; this chatbot will do it all for you. This increases your conversion rates and improves the overall customer experience. Take a look at this chatbot for more information.

Features and Benefits :

  • This chatbot offers patients the opportunity to find a doctor by speciality, clear their queries, and book an appointment instantly.
  • Patients can select the type of doctor, either self-book an appointment or make the chatbot do it.
  • It asks patients to share their details such as name, email, and phone number and select the city and doctor to book an appointment.
  • Patients can easily schedule an appointment with this chatbot.
  • It reduces the costs of human agents.
  • It provides patients an option to self-schedule an appointment.
  • It automates the patient's inquiry by answering FAQs.
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