Hospital Performance Evaluation Chatbot

Every healthcare institute is smart-enough to provide the best services to their patients, but not each one of those is wise enough to collect real-time feedback from their patients in order to keep the performance of their services in check. Given the competitive nature of the industry, it becomes imperative to see which of your healthcare service is being liked and disliked the most, so that you can work on them. Now, using a patient feedback form would not be the best way to go about it because of the negative experience associated with this traditional lead gen strategy. This is where an automated hospital feedback software enters the scene. This chat-based software can collect feedback from patients in a conversational way, making the experience engaging for them.

Features and Benefits :

1. The chatbot asks the patient questions like, "How professional were the staff?", "How approachable were the staff?", "How would you rate the quality of the information provided to you?", "How considerate of you were the staff?", "How likely was it for the staff to inform you of side effects?", "How prompt was the response from the staff?", "How clean was our premises during your stay?", "How likely is it to get good sleep?", etc.

2. It asks them how likely they are to choose the services.

3. It asks how likely they are to recommend the services to their friends.

4. It collects their name and email address to share a coupon for a free health checkup.

5. It improves patient engagement by giving a positive patient experience.

6. It helps a healthcare center check the quality of care being provided to its patients.

7. It increases the chances of getting more leads.

8. It gives the opportunity to improve customer service.

9. It provides a better understanding of the needs of the customers.

10. It can provide deep insights into patient behavior.

11. It ensures that every aspect of the patient's experience is improved.

12. It helps in improving the overall reputation of the healthcare center.

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