Health Risk Assessment Chatbot

This chatbot has been carefully curated to provide an accurate assessment of human health by taking multiple determinants of health into consideration. It asks simple questions about the user's physical health, mental health, lifestyle habits, and also family health history to help form a better idea about their health journey and to determine whether they are at any risk. It also considers social determinants such as the user's work environment and their relationship with their colleagues. At any point, if it detects any potential risks to the user's health, it even provides some useful tips to help them take care of themselves better.

Features and Benefits :

  • Provides separate health risk assessment specific to the client's biological sex.
  • Gathers basic information about your patient's physical health such as - BMI, blood pressure levels, any chronic pain, allergies, serious health conditions, etc.
  • Acts as a useful online tool for gathering information about your client's mental or emotional health as well.
  • Its assessment of health risk is not just based on the user's health but also on the health of close family members. Since some health risks tend to be hereditary.
  • Whenever it detects a health risk for the user, it provides a bit of quick advice that will help them to prevent their health condition from escalating to a worse condition.
  • It also takes into account basic lifestyle factors before providing an assessment; it asks users simple questions about their lifestyle and daily activities to provide a more accurate assessment.
  • Asks simple questions about the user's work life and workspace to access its effects on their mental health.
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