Hospital Appointment Booking Chatbot

The use of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare comes with a wide range of advantages. This is why virtual healthcare assistants, like this particular chatbot, have become such a quick hit in the Healthcare Industry over the past few years. This smart, digital assistant allows patients to book consultations via a few simple clicks on their mobile devices. It also provides instant answers to initial queries of prospective patients so that healthcare employees can focus on other, more pressing work. This chatbot provides essential healthcare assistance by either letting patients list the doctor they are looking for or picking the most appropriate doctor in their stead. Since this automated chatbot will stay live 24x7, it is bound to improve patient engagement and therefore increase the overall patient count. It allows patients with chronic conditions or with a history of other medical conditions to upload the appropriate documents so that the doctors will be able to view an electronic health record of the patient before beginning the consultation. It can also help various companies in the healthcare sector gather important leads in the form of names and phone numbers.

Features and Benefits :

  • Smart chatbot based on Artificial Intelligence that allows healthcare organizations to easily gain access to the primary information regarding the health issues of prospective patients.
  • Simple easy-to-use chatbot to incentivize patient engagements.
  • Simulates the tone of regular human interaction, without using any complicated medical terminology, to facilitate more comfortable patient interactions.
  • Allows patients to either pick a doctor of their choice or automatically picks the best doctor for their condition based on the information provided by you.
  • Prospective patients can avail this chatbot in 2 languages - Hindi and English.
  • Acts as a smart AI-powered virtual assistant that relieves customer service executives of performing repetitive tasks such as answering basic queries or booking consultations.
  • Allows patients to upload any past prescriptions or medical documents via the chatbot itself so that healthcare professionals have access to patient information before the consultation.
  • Allows prospective clients to directly pick a date and time of their choice from the slots provided by you.
  • Improves the level of patient care provided by an organization as the bot remains live at all times and can be accessed by patients or their family members 24x7.
  • Generates important leads by noting down names and phone numbers of prospective clients.
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