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Is answering Hiring a human agent to solve user queries is a thing of the past. Considering the number of questions that are bombarded on the customer support team, there's only so much that a real person could handle. With the advent of conversational interfaces, businesses can now take some of the workloads off of their teams.

Features and Benefits :

  • Give a list of relevant questions as options to let users select their query type.
  • Lets users ask a question out of the list of pre-defined questions
  • The Chatbot can collect the user’s name, phone number, and email id for Lead generation.
  • Validates user input in real-time, to make sure they are correct
  • Reduce the user query response time to zero, as the Chatbot can respond instantly
  • Reduce the cost of hiring and managing human agents, by automating the conversations using a chatbot
  • Engages visitors and improves conversion rates
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    The future of customer experience is conversational.

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    The future of customer experience is conversational.

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