Check out some bots built using Tars

Insurance Application

Have you ever shopped for insurance before? It sucks. You search google, click on s site. Trawl through the trove of info looking for a policy. Or you could call them and dedicate a whole evening to insurance shopping. Fun! What if it were just a few messages away.

Zepo Customer Acquisition

Zepo uses chat to find out which services its prospective customers are most interested in. This way they get more qualified leads and save human effort on phone calls.

Pipemonk Hiring Bot

Ever have to go through piles of CVs while hiring? So did Pipemonk until we created this bot for them.

PickYourTrail Travel Planning

Try out VEHO, a chat assistant helping you plan a holiday

Order Beer during a Sports Game

When you go for a sports game and pine for a beer, do you want to download a whole new app to order it? Nah. Why not just send a few quick messages to quench your thirst.

Pizza Ordering

Have you ever tried Domino’s website on your phone? It sucks! Screen after screen, loading time on top of loading time. And all you want is a large cheese pizza with baby corn on top. Perhaps a bot could be the solution? Check it out

Spa/Salon Appointment Booking

Manicure? Pedicure? Both? Just text this bot and have it booked instantly.

MyGlamm Appointment Booking

Beauty services are just a few messages away with Myglamm Appointment Booking Bot

Careongo Medicine Ordering

CareOnGo uses chatbot to help you order medicine

Restaurant Feedback

Getting feedback from customers is near impossible. To collect it you can bribe customers with coupons or make the process quick and seamless. Bribery gets you useless one word feedback. This bot goes the other way. It makes the process quick and seamless.

Timesaverz Service Feedback

No matter what the service. Timesaverz has you covered. All you have to do is message them

Hotel Guests' Feedback

Awesome hotel rooms are now just a text message away. Collect actionable feedback from your guests over a chatbot.

Dominos Customer Support Automation

Customer support lines suck. You wait for a long time. Have to keep pressing buttons on a keypad to choose your option. And you are pretty much tied to the phone for however long the company takes to help you out. What if you could use chat instead?

AirBnB Pitch Deck

Slides were created as a supplement to our speech, not to express information on their own. They were meant to be used for in-person presentations, not decks over email. You know what can convey information on its own though? A bot.

Resume Bot

Resumes in their current form have grown staid. The standard, one-page document listing out all your achievements is boring. Talking with every prospective person might be unfeasible. But having a bot do all the heavy-lifting? Maybe not.

Bitcoin Explainer

Bitcoin is more than just that thing you use to buy drugs on the dark web. It is a revolutionary technology that will turn many industries on their head. Including believe it or not, the government.

ISRO Saetllite Launch Bot

ISRO launched 104 satellites in one go recently. I can barely make a shitty volcano for a science project and these guys launched 104 satellites at once. had to find out how. And now I am here to explain it all to you! Obviously over a bot.

Meditation Bot

Meditation has many benefits. And now you can learn how to do it for free on a bot.

News over a Bot

Imagine if you had a friend who watched the news the whole day and let you know if something interesting was happening with all the details. Imagine if they told you this interesting you through messages. Check out this bot.

Demonetisation Explainer Bot

When it happened, demonetisation was hard to understand. So we built a bot to give people a complete rundown.

Giphy Search Bot

Search for a GIF and the bot gets you one directly from GIPHY.

Chat to AK

Arvind Kejriwal in bot form. Ready to list out his government’s achievements just for you


The PM of India is a busy man. So, he has dispatched his bot friend to make his case