Bots for Lead Generation

Lead Generation Chatbot for Mobile App Development Business

Got a great hand at building mobile apps? Does lead leakage turn the tables for you? Well then no more! How does it sound if a bot could capture all your leads and bring conversions on your behalf? That’s exactly what APPy Jumbo bot does.

webinar registration bot
Webinar Registration

Get your users to join in your webinar through a chatbot. Tell them what the webinar is all about and how it will help them.

On-demand service request Bot

Are you an on-demand business and want to take service requests from your users while they are on the go? This chatbot helps you do just that. Strandd has been using this bot to get requests/orders from people looking for their roadside assistance service.

Event Promotion Bot

Hosting an event and need to get the word out? Check how Afterhills, the electronic and dance festival leverages this bot to promote the event, tickets and merchandise, while generating leads for its marketing campaigns. How do they do that? Hop in to find out.

Customer Acquisition Bot

Zepo uses chat to find out which services its prospective customers are most interested in. This way they get more qualified leads and save human effort on phone calls.

HomeServices Bot

Connecting home service professionals to your customers? Turn to this bot by HomeServices that shows how within a minute of messaging, anyone can get all the services required, booked to arrive right at their doorstep, whether it is grroming a pet dog or having a sofa cleaned

rti application chatbot
RTI Application Bot

No one likes filling out government forms. That is why we built this bot. It helps you create an RTI (Right to Information Act) submission through chat.

Stock Brokers Chatbot

Run a stock brokerage business? Wondering how to get more risk-free investors? Turn to this amazing broker bot from the house of Stake that gives early access to potential investors. You won’t believe the casual, friendly tone till you talk to it!

doctor-appointment chatbot
Doctor Appointment Bot

If you are a doctor or a hospital manager, you will know that a lot of time gets wasted in scheduling. Imagine if a bot could handle all the mundane stuff so that your staff is free to do more.

ecosport test drive chatbot
Car Dealer Bot

When you want to buy a car, you can go to a car showroom and attendant tells you all you need to know. But what if you did not have to go to the showroom? What if someone could do the attendant’s job over chat? That is the promise behind this bot .

Interview chatBot
Interview Bot

If some one wanted to get information from you, they could have you fill out a form or they could interview. Which would you prefer? I certainly would hate the form. Sadly however, it is not always feasible for someone to interview you. That is why we built the awesome profile bot. It marries the engagement of human conversation with the convenience of non-human interaction.

Laundry Basket Bot

If you run your own home services business, you know that booking is a problem. You either have to list on an app that charges a commission, or spend hours of time on email and phone manually scheduling with a client. Laundry Basket solved this problem with this bot.

Driverskart booking chatbot
Driverskart Bot

Driverskart helps users find verified drivers anywhere, anytime. Their bot allows you to do this by sending a few messages.

Reumi roommate finder bot
Reumi Roommate Finder Bot

If you are moving to a new place then Reumi bot is a God send. After asking you a few questions about your preferences, Reumi begins the search for your perfect roommate. After finding them, Reumi emails you. Pretty cool stuff.

Chatbot for Courier Services

Do you run a courier service? How would it be if your customers could avail your services simply over a chat? Well, Parcelled’s courier booking bot makes sending packages as easy as messaging your friends on WhatsApp.

real estate chatbot
Real Estate Bot

If you are a real estate agent, getting a property listed from a person is a harrowing process. It involves emails, calls and a lot of followups. Imagine if you had a bot assistant that handled all the mundane stuff for you. Check out this bot.

Rent a Bike Chatbot

Are you an on demand bike rental company? Want your uses to book a ride on the fly? Check out how iryd uses a simple chat flow to make it easy for anyone to book an affordable bike.

Bot for hiring candidates

Ever have to go through piles of CVs while hiring? So did Pipemonk until we created this bot for them.

Hardware Product pre-orders Bot

Building a hardware product and want to get pre-orders from early adopters? This chatbot is the easiest way to go about it. You can answer frequently asked questions and even share more about the product over the bot.

legal chatbot
Legal Bot

Within a few messages, this bot fill figure out your legal needs and pass it on to the LegalPundits team to match you with the resources that you need. Lead Generation at its finest.

Travel Planning Bot

Try out VEHO, a chat assistant helping you plan a holiday.

event planning chatbot
Event Planning Bot

If you are planning an event for someone, getting the details is a chore. You send message after message, email after email. What if you could have a virtual bot assistant collect all this information for you?

Awesome Re-sell Bot

Dealer in old vehicles? Do you resell used cars & bikes? What if doing so was as easy as sending a few WhatsApp messages? That is the idea behind awesome re-sell bot..

Bro4u chatbot
Bro4u Bot

Bro4U provides high quality home services to your doorstep. Their bot, is a great example of how a simple data collection bot can making the booking process quicker and more engaging thereby increasing conversion rates.

Summer camp bot
Summer Camp Bot

Pinnacle Parkour Academy runs parkour and “ninja” training classes. Their bot is a quick and easy way to find their offerings and express interest in attending a class. Their bot showcases hoe you can convert someone who knows nothing about your company to a potential lead through just a few messages.

homeservices chatbot
On Demand Home Services Bot

If you run your own home services business, you know that booking is a problem. You either have to list on an app that charges acommission, or spend hours of time on email and phone manually scheduling with a client. Mydidi solved this problem with this bot.

Mobile repair chatbot
Mobile Repair Bot

If your phone breaks, what do you do? Awesome repair is a bot concept for a future in which a repairman is just a few messages away.

Yourdost chatbot
Yourdost Expert Finder Bot

After asking you a few questions, YourDostBot consults with the YourDost team and finds you the right expert whith whom you can discuss your issues.

HDFC Life chatbot

Getting the right life insurance policy can be a hassle sometimes. What if you could get life insurance by sending a few text messages. That’s exactly what this bot does. 

Labstreet Bot
Medical Test Bot

The old way to get medical tests done involved going to a clinic, filling out forms, and waiting in line. Labstreet allows you to get most of that done with just a few messages on their bot.

Fitness center search bot
Fitness Center Search and Registration

Fiticket is a service that allows you to use multiple gyms with just one membership plan. Their bot collects information about your health and places you into one of their exercise programme. Pretty intelligent stuff

Insurance Application Bot

Have you ever shopped for insurance before? It sucks. What if it were just a few messages away.

Appointment Booking Bot

Beauty services are just a few messages away with Myglamm Appointment Booking Bot.

vogue wedding show_1
Conference Registration Bot

This bot helps you to share information about the event/conference and do RSVP at the same time.

Bot for Banking

Banks offer awesome services. The only problem is that there is a stack of forms between you and these services. Wouldn’t it be great if there was someone who could finish all the boring parts? Well that is what this bot aims to do.

Startup Pitch Bot
Startup Pitch Bot

Strategic Design Hub is an online platform that brings creators from the world over to share and discuss ideas. The creativity shines through in their bot. This bot shows how you can tell a company story using good content and a few messages.

Crowd Fundraising Bot

Raising money for a project or a cause can be hard. That is why Ketto built this bot. It takes your details and helps set up a crowd funding campaign to achieve your goals.

Serious Md chatbot
SeriousMD Consulting

SeriousMD is a Practice Management App that equips doctors with the required tools.An explainer and lead generation tool rolled in to one.

Job Finder Bot
Job Finder Bot

Finding a job can be a chore. You have to scroll through pages of listings or reach out to a bunch of contacts. Imagine if a bot could do all that for you. That is the dream of this bot.

Zzungry food ordering Bot
Zzungry Food Ordering Bot

Zzungry’s bot is a window into a future where a friend is always on standby just in case you feel hungry. All you have to do is message him and he’ll get it delivered right to you.

Zebra Insurance chatbot
Zebra Insurance

Imagine if you could get car insurance by sending a few text messages. That is the promise of this bot.

Webinar registration bot
Course Registration Bot

Stacy Brookman helps people write their life stories down. Her bot expedites the process by signing you up for her webinar if you are interested. A pretty cool sign up form if you ask me.

creative agency lead generation chatbot
Creative Agency Lead Generation Bot

NewFlight helps their customers make beautiful videos and websites to attract more business. Their bot, collects their customers requirements(price, content type etc.) and passes it along to the newflight team who follows up by email. A classic leadgen bot.

digital marketing Lead Generation chatbot
Digital marketing Lead Generation Bot

Northstories is a digital marketing companies that helps startups with content marketing. Their bot, is a great example of how conversational interfaces can be used to engage as well as inform people about your company.

Paytm recharge chatbot
Paytm Online Recharge Bot

Imagine if you could make handle your phone bill, electricity bill, water bill and more by sending a few messages.

99signals Content Bot

99signals runs one of the best marketing blogs on the internet. Their bot, helps users navigate their trove of content by curating the top articles in each article. It takes the effort out of choosing so you get good content faster.

Iris Holidays chatbot
Holiday Planning Bot

Iris Holidays is an award winning travel agency from kerala India. Their bot makes the long arduous process of travel planning easy. You send your preferences, it does the research and drops you a mail. You basically have a travel agent in your pocket.

Pianta homecare bot
Home Healthcare Bot

Finding the right healthcare provider to come to your home is a chore. That is why Pianta exists. Send their bot a few quick messages and it will inform their skilled team who will find you the right match.