Health and Life Insurance Planning Chatbot

Your insurance agency might find it difficult to a detailed description of all your insurance plans to your customers in the quickest way, but this virtual life insurance agent does not. It gives the best customer service by automating the entire process of showcasing all the insurance policies along with their benefits. Life insurance carriers don't need to hire sales agents anymore.

Features and Benefits :

  • The chatbot asks the customer what would they like to do: know more about the types of health insurance, types of life insurance or get a quote.
  • It further asks the customer to select the health/life insurance that they want to know more about.
  • Based on the customer's choice, it asks them if they would like to get a quote.
  • If the customer agrees, it collects their name, phone number, email address, gender, height, weight, and date of birth.
  • It asks them to rate their health, and if they use nicotine or cannabis.
  • It can easily reach out to millions of potential clients without spending money on advertising.
  • It can save time and effort.
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