Two Wheeler Insurance Chatbot

Automate the lead generation process for your insurance agency using this chatbot for bike insurance leads. It does all the work that insurance providers had been asking their agents to do, that too much more efficiently. Let your customers buy/renew their bike insurance policies as fast as possible.

Features and Benefits :

  • The chatbot introduces their bike insurance briefly to the customer.
  • It lets the customer select one option out of the following: Buy a new policy, renew a policy from another insurer and renew an existing ICICI Lombard policy.
  • If the customer selects "buy a new policy", the chatbot asks the make and model of their vehicle, the city it was purchased/registered in, and its purchase year.
  • It asks if the vehicle is registered under an individual, and the plan the customer would like to purchase.
  • If the customer selects "renew a policy from another insurer", the chatbot asks them to enter the registration number of the vehicle. Then it presents the benefits covered in the policy.
  • If the customer selects "renew an existing ICICI Lombard policy", the chatbot asks them if they would like to retrieve their police through phone number or policy number.
  • It collects the customer's name, phone number, and email address for further contact.
  • It can save time on manual data entry by automating the entire sales cycle.
  • It increases the conversion rate by providing a better user experience.
  • It can provide better customer support.
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