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Industry – Digital Marketing Services
Location – South Africa

Staffing Future

Industry – Staffing Technology Services
Location – United States

UpBeet Digital

Industry – Digital Marketing Services
Location – South Africa
TARS Partner - DLTM Consulting

DLTM Consulting

Industry – Business Consulting
Location – South Africa


Industry – Financial Services
Location – Australia

Industry – Marketing Agency
Location – Saudi Arabia

UPapp Factory

Industry – App Development
Location – Singapore


Industry – Chatbots & AI
Location – India

Conversacion Digital

Industry – Chatbots
Location – Ecuador

Conversation Circuits

Industry – Government, Customer & Hiring Services
Location – USA
Tars Partner - Java Logix

Java Logix

Industry – Digital Marketing Agency
Location – Worldwide

Creanovation Technologies

Industry – Education Technology
Location – India

Sequential Soft

Industry – Retail & Hospitality Services
Location – Middle East
Tars Partner - Afribot Ventures

Afribot Ventures

Industry – Chatbot & Technology Services
Location – Africa

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