If you are building bots, you are a pioneer.

Are we just saying that so that you use our chatbot platform more? Maybe. Likely in fact.

But does that diminish the truth behind the statement? No.

Bot making is a nascent field that most people are just figuring out. The problems bot makers have to think about and the design choices that have to be made are completely different from those made in designing apps or websites.

So just like many great pioneers that have come before, you too are pushing the limits of human imagination.

Seriously…we just compared you to Steve Jobs…

Now we understand that it can be hard to have the weight of future generations resting on your shoulders alone(really throws out the back), so we made a community section for you to share insights and ask questions from your fellow bot makers — https://community.hellotars.com/

(you will have to signup and create a new account, if you haven’t already)

There are already some really great conversations up there and we highly encourage you to check them out.

We are a bunch of nice people working to create something really cool and valuable for our customers. Interested in working with us? Drop me a line at ish[at]hellotars.com