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Why Workers’ Compensation Law Firms Should Use Conversational Landing Pages

by Arnav Patel • April 24, 2019

Of all the industries that depend on paid marketing, the legal industry is by far the most insane. At a conceptual level, the idea of digital legal ads seems pretty straightforward: law firms pay Google and Facebook for visitors who can be converted into paying clients. Nothing special right? WRONG! If you delve into the […]

How to make a Conversational Landing Page for an Auto Insurance Provider

[Designing Conversations] How to make a conversational landing page for an Auto Insurance Provider

by Arnav Patel • April 23, 2019

In high friction, form-heavy world of insurance marketing, conversational landing pages offer marketers an affordable way to increase conversion rates and provide a more engaging user experience to their customers. Before they can see any of these benefits, however, they have to actually build a conversational landing page and that can be hard. Designing a […]

Why Auto Insurance Providers should use conversational landing pages in their marketing campaigns

Why Auto Insurance providers need to use a Conversational Landing Page in their marketing campaigns

by Arnav Patel • April 23, 2019

In 2019, insurance is not optional. Whether it’s your car, house, health or even in some cases your life, insurance has become an absolute necessity to be a functioning member of society. Given its importance, the application process for insurance can be an highly-stressful and grueling process for most people. Whether it is rational or […]

[Product Update] Highly Curated Chatbot Templates that Save You Hours

by Arnav Patel • April 19, 2019

I have found that when the average person thinks about chatbot creation they assume that it is a hyper-technical project that requires teams of engineers working long hours in dimly-lit, subterranean rooms. This is a misconception. In my experience, software engineers work a reasonable number of hours in kombucha-fuelled open-plan offices with whimsically named conference […]

Why Universities Should Use Conversational Landing Pages in Their Marketing Campaigns

by Arnav Patel • April 11, 2019

Most students entering Universities today are millennials, and if there is one thing that I know about my generation, other than the fact that we ruin absolutely everything, it’s that we have really short attention spans. This poses higher education marketing teams with a problem. Digital Ads have become a key tool in the way […]