Chatbots 🤖 can provide a guided experience to your insurance buyers and convert them into leads.

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The Problem

Whether it’s your car, house, health or even in some cases your life, insurance has become an absolute necessity to be a functioning member of society. Given its importance, the application process for insurance can be an highly-stressful and grueling for most people.

From the insurance company’s perspective, the end result of this high friction process is inefficiency and wasted money. As the importance of digital ads in insurance marketing has grown, insurance companies have found it increasingly difficult to convert prospects after they click on an ad.

The Solution

Within this context, conversational landing pages can provide a guided buyer experience that can reduce the trepidation of prospects and convert them into leads at rates that are 2-3x higher than the average insurance lead generation form.

How it works?

Create a conversation workflow

Signup and create the chatbot flow from scratch using our workflow builder or use a pre-built template.

Chatbot as post-click landing page

Each chatbot conversation lives on its own link, like a typical landing page. Use this chatbot link as your ad campaign destination.

View, download and integrate

Check the leads collected right in your dashboard, download it in an excel sheet or send it to your preferred CRM and marketing apps.

How to customize your insurance chatbot?

Customer success stories

Tars helped me take a conversational approach to my mortgage lead generation📈 Using a full 1003 or generic landing page for lead generation can’t compare to having a conversation with a prospective homebuyer on their mortgage needs 24/7. The platform is extremely powerful as well as flexible, so you can create any type of chatbot you can dream of!🤖
Jacob Derauf
Summit Mortgage Corp.
TARS is an amazing tool to help users and gain leads💰 Now with a template library, it is so easy to set up and use for many situations from real estate to agencies to support🛠 I have used the tool for years and unlike many tools out there, TARS has been a solid tool in my arsenal of web tools. It has been completely worth the money. I love the fact that staff at TARS are all about making something happen🚀
Neil Powers
Neil Powers
AmTrust Financial Services Inc.

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Free 14 day trial. No payment info needed.