Chatbots can optimize the marketing experience for patients while improving your conversion rate📈

Reduce bounce rates on landing pages and schedule more health tests 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️


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Healthcare Customers

The Problem

Look it’s no secret that doctors’ offices are littered with terrible user experience🤮

Whether it’s the clunky websites💻, long wait times⌚️, or even your doctor’s indecipherable handwriting✍🏼 , the healthcare industry can be downright frustrating!😤

The Solution

Within this context, conversational landing pages or chatbots can manage your appointments and help your patients understand the different treatments you offer. If your patients book appointments on your website then you can easily use this chatbots to generate direct bookings without human interference. And convert them into leads at rates that are 2-3x higher than the average healthcare lead generation forms.

Fortunately for us mere patients, some healthcare providers👩‍⚕️ have started using chatbots to bring their patient service into the 21st Century⚡️

How it works?

Create a conversation workflow

Signup and create the chatbot flow from scratch using our workflow builder or use a pre-built template.

Chatbot as post-click landing page

Each chatbot conversation lives on its own link, like a typical landing page. Use this chatbot link as your ad campaign destination.

View, download and integrate

Check the leads collected right in your dashboard, download it in an excel sheet or send it to your preferred CRM and marketing apps.

How to make a conversational landing page for home healthcare marketing?

Customer success stories

Ease of use, great functionalities, and the product is constantly being updated with new features📈 Overall, great product and customer support!🛠
Alan Liu
TARS is easy to use and always improving📈 The TARS team makes it easy to provide super useful interactive chats with your audience🤖 I use TARS to survey my members, to get privacy consent before starting a live meeting, to direct users to certain actions and so much more.
Eco Steam Clean

The future of customer experience is conversational. Join us today.

The future of customer experience is conversational. Join us today.